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    Zero Punctuation: Nioh

    How about Zeldevilmaysoultroidvania prime?
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    New Tomb Raider Movie Is Filming, Here Are Some Set Photos

    It won't feel like it's really based on the game if it doesn't show Laura getting impaled by one thing or another every 15 minutes. No really, what was with that game and impalement?
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    Gaming related sentiments by Yahtzee that have stuck with you

    which review was that from?
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    Senpai may be added to the English dictionary

    Why is Merriam Webster stealing our memes though?
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    Games in which you play as evil

    Pretty much any Metroid game will do, I mean I know Samus is supposed to be the heroine, but let's just look at what she actually does. She's driven at least two intelligent species to extinction, the Ing and the X. She decided that she knew them well enough to condemned their entire races to...
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    CD Projekt Red CEO: Cyberpunk 2077 will be "More Ambitious on Every Single Front"

    Still no release date? Well, hopefully it's soon. I don't think R. Talsorian Games is ever going to finish Mekton Zero without the money from this project.
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    Games you consider 10/10.

    Nah, it's a ten point grading system, so if the game is 95% good or above it rounds up.
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    The Apparent Anti-Intellectualism of Gamer Culture

    Right, you said " I feel like reviews like that should focus on how effectively it tells it's story rather than what the story is about. Are the characters compelling? Does the plot stay within it's own logic? Does the plot flow well?" but I don't see why reviewers should feel obligated to avoid...
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    The Apparent Anti-Intellectualism of Gamer Culture

    And exactly what is the basis of a review if not the critic's opinion?
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    The Apparent Anti-Intellectualism of Gamer Culture

    As opposed to reviews?
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    Do you play old games?

    This week I've played WarCraft III, Fallout 2, Final Fantasy VI, and Majora's Mask, great stuff.
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    Poll: Would you own a servant (or "slave", for the dramatic)?

    Boooo! Free the house elves!
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    Worst case of good writing going south within moments

    Meh, a certain faction that played a large role in the second installment being indoctrinated all along, and a certain councilor being a traitor were both really weak twists.
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    Apple Refuses FBI Demand to Build a "Backdoor" For iPhones

    Any back door Apple creates for the FBI can and will be exploited by dataminers to steal your credit card numbers.
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    Predict the most overrated game of 2016

    I'm expecting it to be 2 parts cover shooter, 2 parts city builder, 1 part RPG myself tbh.