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    Of Dragons & Ruined Cities

    erm What?! This was strange, depressing read and totally misses the mark. Games aimed at a male audience always offer a lot to destruct (space invader?, super mario, bomber man), because it's just stupid fun and not a reflection of our current state as a species. Yahtzee please take a...
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    Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs Review - Squeals and Fury

    Gosh this game is bad. I didn't really mind removing the inventory. Tinder boxes and the oil were never an issue in TDD. I did mind, when it was obvious that the puzzle had been dumbed down to accomodate it. In one case there is even an pneumatic delivery system acting as an inventory so you...
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    Surprise Surprise, Germany Shooting Linked To Games

    This maniac had been a patient in a mental institution for some time. He was treated for depression. A fact his parents are denying for good reason: the german prosecution is preparing to charge the father with manslaughter in 16 cases. The used beretta wasn't locked away - an infringement of...
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    Excuses on the High Seas

    Games get pirated, because it can be done easily. In the first half of the 90ties piracy was rampant. It was easy to copy a floppy disk. This stopped with introduction of games on CD-Rom which couldn't be copied due to larger file size. Now with widely available broadband game size doesn't...
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    189: ¡VIVA LA R3V0LUC10N!

    Nice parody. Especially naming Stardock with all the other big publishers: Stardock doesn't use any kind of DRM ^^
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    Review: Crayon Physics Deluxe

    Yes but in crayon physics it's far too easy to break the rules. In most demo levels it's enough to draw an irregular shape fitting neatly in the abyss between the ball and the star and then just nudge the ball once. No need for swinging hammers and unfornately not much fun. Sure you could try...
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    Review: Crayon Physics Deluxe

    Played the demo. It's a nice toy, but not a good game. Like L.B. Jeffries pointed out, you can draw any shape you like and break the puzzles quickly. Being able nudge the ball left and right with a click makes it only worse. There's almost no sense of accomplishment. The abilities of the...
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    Bob's Game Developer Stages 100 Day Protest to Nintendo

    Yeah maybe he just don't want to spend xmas and easter with his family. Awful music in the game trailer.
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    EA Releases Spore De-Authorization Tool

    haven't thought about that *g* I don't think it works that way. Bioshock for instance comes with a unique keycode. So their authorization server just checks this code when you install the game, increases the install count for this code, checks it against the install limit and grants...
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    EA Releases Spore De-Authorization Tool

    Hooray they finally released a worthless tool that fixes almost nothing. Why didn't they lift the install limit as well? The Bioshock devs did it.
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    Teenager Kills Mother Over Halo 3

    Thank god they didn't store their home-made atomic bomb in there too... Just sad.
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    Cooking Mama: The PETA Version

    No they don't: ;) Butchering the turkey was far more fun than preparing tofu in the bonus level. I don't think that PETA intended that *g* I don't think they will get sued for copyright infringement. As far as I know parodies are protected as...
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    Review: Fallout 3

    Are there quest in the game? If yes what kind of quests? Is the story engaging? Why? How does trading work? Don't tell you haven't met a single non-hostile person in the wastelands after 20 hours ;-) Sorry but the review is sorely lacking except for the inevitable "it's f****** great! buy...
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    American McGee Discusses New Game Concept

    Oh god another American McGee game. Alice was his only good game and his first. I remember reading something on his blog about the pros working with a chinese team instead of an american some years ago. He said he didn't have to discuss and argue with his new team about every game detail and...
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    Far Cry 2 DRM Confirmed

    Won't play it. It's not only against used games sale. You can't even borrow a game to a friend, if you don't want to loose a precious install. The whole Call EA thing to get more spore installs: not only is the hotline not free. I've read somewhere, that you must provide proof to EA that...