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    Fallout 4:San Francisco

    Obvious fake, & not even that well done. Meh.
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    Poll: Is Piracy Really That Bad?

    Yes, it's bad. If people aren't paying for games (and they AREN'T) then we're not getting new ones. This is particularly bad for the main pirating audience (hardcore gamers who are tech savy) since we lose our voice vs. audiences that are less prone to pirating- See casual games audience.
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    Are We Creatively Bankrupt?

    I have to take issue with the width of the brush you're using to paint everything here: You mention Super Mario Galaxy 2, GoldenEye Reloaded, Tomb Raider Anniversary, New Super Mario Brothers Wii, and Conker: Live and Reloaded- These are all very different games in terms of "re-makes"- Super...
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    Where do you want the next fallout game located?

    New York & far enough north to check out "Occupied Canada"
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    The Problem With Rockstar Games

    Thanks for all the replies everyone. That's very true. The goal in good game design, particularly games with a story, is to make the player feel like it is his choice to take the prescribed path: That it is something he wants to do and not something that the game is forcing him to do. It's...
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    The Problem With Rockstar Games

    At this point, pretty much everybody makes "RPGs": You play a character that you build up in ability over time while completing objectives, many of which are non-essential, going about it in the manner of your choosing. Rockstar play with the same toolbox that the RPG designers do, they just...
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    Can anyone recommend me a good Western RPG...

    I love me some Alpha Protocol, but it must be acknowledged that while the conversation trees and dynamic story/character reactions/perks are fantastic, the rest of the game is a mess of mechanics that don't quite work properly. Nobody could call it's stealth, shooting, hacking, HTH, lockpicking...
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    With all due respect, this is very, very wrong. I lived in Winnipeg for 10 years, and compared to Edmonton, Calgary, Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver and pretty much any other city that comes to mind, the transit is pretty horrible. It's getting better, but until some rapid transit actually exists...
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    Favorite Gaming Design Moment

    In arguing my issues with Rockstar games, it occurred to me that sometimes designers manage to do things perfectly right, and those moments should be celebrated. The one that comes immediately to mind for me is the opening of Assassin's Creed 2- Not the being born part, although that is...
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    The Problem With Rockstar Games

    A well reasoned and useful response. Thanks. Maybe I just aspire for them to be more? Really, the lines of "is an RPG", particularly with games like Mass Effect kicking around, are blurred as hell. So let's got get into that particular issue, but rather break it down this way: Mainly...
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    Depends on what kind of place you're looking to live. I've lived in Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton, Regina, Winnipeg and Vancouver and have spent plenty of time in Saskatoon, Montreal and Victoria (Sadly I've got little experience on the east coast, but I hear it's lovely.) Quebec is probably the...
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    The Problem With Rockstar Games

    Seeing Red Dead mentioned in the GOTD thread, it has got me thinking about my primary beef with that game, and with Rockstar Games in general: (This post contains some spoilers to Red Dead Redemption, GTA 4 and L.A. Noire. You've been warned.) Many people say that what they love about Red...
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    Poll: Is Wearing a Bike Helmet Worth it?

    ... So I guess you don't wear jackets because they would give you too much "momentum" as well? Bike helmets do not weigh a lot.
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    What is your avatar...and why?

    Mine is Eh! Steve which a)Really made me laugh the first time I saw it and b)is obscure enough that not a million people use him.