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    Why do so many people think that in order to be mature, art has to be dark and depressing?

    Sadly dark and grim things are often considered mature when really it is swapping one form of immaturity for another. And many also think anything with colors or that has a fair amount of happiness or idealism is considered childish, lighthearted, or something along those lines. Whereas...
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    DC Blinks First: Batman v Superman Won't Compete with Captain America 3

    Wonder if and by how much this could affect ticket sales for both movies. After all DC has shown to not have as much faith in their movie whereas Marvel does.
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    Two New Mystery Holes Appear in Siberia, Scientists Baffled About Their Origin

    Betting some of us are hoping that it is alien related. For one I am. Unless they come to kill us all!
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    Futurama Intro Skyline Recreated in Glorious 3D

    That was glorious! I wonder how it would look if a short or feature film length.
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    Poll: Autistic child asked to leave movie theater- do you agree?

    If it was something related to EA, Valve, gaming, etc. it would be what you expected. This is more or less a case that is black and white and less likely to push some buttons.
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    Soccer World Cup Teams Given Anime Girl Mascots

    Favorite is Brazil and I like how America Gets Iron man armored. Hmmmmmmm, maybe next one is national mechsuits?
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    MGM Seeks Director For WarGames Remake

    What next to remake? The Stuff? Gremlins? Other once popular or well known movies?
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    Poll: Whats your deadly sin?

    Sloth and Gluttony say a lot about me...
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    Nickelodeon's TMNT: Are they going to address that Donatello and April can't be together?

    Its not Bestiality, that would be with a non-sentient creature. This is xenophilia as their both sentient organisms. Just because he has turtle DNA doesn't make it bestiality since he has a developed brain like Humans. As for it being weird yea I agree with ya there, I remember a few clips...
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    Moon Impact Proves Earth 60 Million Years Older Than We Thought

    I question what is this for? Any sane person knows this, or at least can understand this. And Yec and their ilk will just deny this and be trapped by their insane toll logic. That said, the Earth is older than we thought? so its 15,060,000,000 years old? or something like that? Though one has...
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    How Many Games Can You Recognize in This Blur Studio FX Video?

    Wow so many games, and a few movies and tv shows I think? Wonder what would happen if they did a full on movie rather than scenes or trailer.
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    The Most Adorable Thing You've Seen Today

    That owl is too cute! I just love how he's riding the hand it's so adorable! Having hold a owl in my hand myself I can say they can be cute birds. That is one of those owls.
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    AOL Outspends Google on Net Neutrality Issues

    I think a better name for the article would be how much more Comcost, AT&T and version are sending and spending compared to everyone else on that chart. I mean look its like a diving board on the chat. Also why are so many big names like Microsoft and Google seemingly holding back? Then...
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    FiM Season 5+ ideas.

    One thing I would like to see is a two parter, or longer in which twilight gets corrupted by the dark magic and the other main 6 and Spike have to save the inner Twilight. We have seen only hints and tastes of dark magic so far, but we do know that it can control someone as seen when Rarity...
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    China Reveals Censorship Critera for Console Games

    So they lifted a ban on foreign games being sold. To only replace with the ability to censor pretty much anything they see fit. Yea I doubt many, if any, game companies will even try to sell in China.