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    Super Smash Bros. Hands On - Great on Wii U, Awkward on 3DS

    There's 2 buttons dedicated to jumping on a handheld with limited input and you're complaining it doesn't work because you can't jump with an analogue stick?
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    Game of Phones Turns Your Smartphone Into a Party Game

    So Apples to Apples but with an unlimited source of material? Actually sounds pretty lame. A lot of the fun of those kinds of games comes from the limitations.
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    The Big Picture: Junk Drawer 2014

    For a compilation of shorter notes, this was a fairly satisfying episode. You have my blessing to do this again anytime you're pressed for time.
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    Jimquisition: Vertigo

    I can do much better than that. Chell from Portal. Sure they gussy her up for Portal 2, but in Portal 1, she she certainly looks like someone who is attempting to escape a terrible prison, and not someone designed for a penis...
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    The Big Picture: In Defense of "Booth Babes" (sort of)

    It feels like you're blaming the gamer community just because of a perceived connotation to a phrase. I don't doubt that somewhere, maybe even quite often, people will use it in a derogatory manner. But I don't associate it with the words themselves. I call them "booth babes" because its a fun...
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    Pokemon X and Y Introduces "Mega" Evolutions

    Yeah, this is really stupid. i stopped playing the latest games because I felt like they were stretching it with the newer Pokemon. This pretty much confirms that since they go the Shonen approach. Can't think of a way to further a series? Already introduced too many characters? Just tack on a...
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    Jimquisition: Launch Splooge

    The problem, which Jim touches upon as well, is that launch games are usually shit. The reason companies now want to shovel out as many launch games as possible is because it will give them a higher chance of hitting a mark above mediocrity. Would you rather have 20 launch titles with 2 good...
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    Movie Trailers: My Little Pony: Equestria Girls - Trailer

    That's even more cringe worthy than normal. Nope, not going to a movie theater to see it. I'll wait the usual 6 hours for it to be posted on the internet.
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    Zero Punctuation: Fuse

    I remember the original trailer for it. ...That's pretty much the only thing i think anyone can say about it.
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    ESA Calls The Cops on Ouya's Parking Lot E3 Booth

    This is Looney Tunes. No seriously, I could swear there's an episode of it somewhere. It even has the catch phrase "Of course you know, this means war!"
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    Sony's Not Ready For User-Made Videos

    That sounds about right. It all comes full circle with the whole, "you don't HAVE to" argument Yahtzee himself stated. Sure, you CAN do it, but most people aren't going to go out of their ways to record Let's Plays just because it's there.
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    EA Delays SimCity Mac Again

    Well, might as well get the stereotypes out of the way: Of course mac users would ask for it because you'd have to be grossly uninformed in all forms of technology to own a mac in the first place. And you can't convince them otherwise because they don't know how to do anything other than throw...
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    Deus Ex: The Fall Teaser Reveals Almost Nothing

    It's a mobile game, everyone. Move along, nothing to see here. Just another franchise suicide.
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    The Big Picture: Boy's Own Adventure

    Whoa Whoa Whoa. The Hub isn't JUST for My Little Pony. They're slowly gathering all the classic WB cartoons as well. Superman, Batman, Batman Beyond, and even the Animaniacs! If you don't watch The Hub because of a single show which doesn't even air after 1:00 pm, you're missing out. Another...
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    Humble Bundle 8 Grows 4 Games Humbler

    This is just amazing. I had purchased the humble Indie bundle 8 last week (over average) and today I go to the download page I was linked in the initial email, and guess what? all the new games added! I recommend everyone to support these guys, not just for the awesome games I've been playing...