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    Soon I'll be in New York; what do I do?

    Hipster hunting is very popular. Here is a video where you can get some inspiration:
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    The Only Straight Guy is a Lesbian

    If enjoying vibrations in my undergarments make me gay, then so be it! I'm actually atracted to women anyway so...
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    Poll: Am I disgusting for not paying for the first date?

    I pretty much always offer to pay on a date... And I'm a woman. It is not a matter of gender for me, but it is a gentleman thing (can't think of a better, gender-neutral word for it).
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    Gamer Ends up Comatose After Drinking 4-Liters of Energy Drink

    After this happened our local newspapers started with the whole 'investigating' the true effects of energy drinks, and then came a couple of concerned parents with some overly conservative opinions on energy drinks. Generally there hasn't been much of a reaction to it though, I think most people...
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    Fred Phelps is near death

    Huh.... Oh well. I'm not even going to pretend to care about this particular loss of life, although I won't do anything tasteless such as celebrate or picket his funeral. Who truly knows what drove the man into becoming what he became, but evil is still evil i suppose.
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    Why doesn't Ubisoft get the level of hate that EA does?

    Muh, they do from me at least. EA and Ubi are currently the only publishers on my "do not buy" list. This is not a boycot think mind, I just don't feel like supporting those companies by buying their products. I may make exceptions if they put out something truly great and worthy of my money and...
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    Soon I'll be in New York; what do I do?

    Thanks a lot everyone! Some great advice here, I'll do my best not to be a jerk X3 (that vid killed me btw...) I live in a town that is pretty famous for being battered by rain, wind and cold all year around, so that sounds just like home to me! How cold is it anyway? Is there even a lot of...
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    Soon I'll be in New York; what do I do?

    I'm not particularly well-traveled girl and this will be my first visit to New York, the US even. I have a full week there, but besides the obvious sights and locations I don't really know what I would do and where I would go... What would YOU do if you were to visit New York? What would you...
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    Jimquisition: The Adblock Episode

    The Escapist subcription service is great. No ads and better video quality is just down my alley, and I would consider it a very reasonable price too.
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    So I got DayZ from Steam.

    Welcome to Early Access, where features are missing everything is buggy. Zombies flat out don't work right now. There are barely and of them around, they move weirdly and walk straight trough fences, walls and entire buildings. There are no vehicles yet, weapon variety is low and there are many...
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    Furry or Not?

    No, but does it really matter? The internet is endlessly huge, and there is frankly no need to spend time in sections of it that one does not enjoy. Besides, strange interests, sexual atractions and fetishes have existed for as long as history, and furries are by no means the strangest one. Even...
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    Outrage over a gay kiss on a well known British Soap Drama, why so much complaints?

    WE'RE ALL GONA CATCH THE GAY, RUN FOR THE HILLS! Just a vocal minority as usual, but that still doesn't make it alright. I guess the world will never be cured of all this pointless hate and bigotry. "New"?
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    Poll: Which is Worse (for Female Characters): Appearance or Actions/Behaviour/Role?

    Ohw dear, nice catch =3 Fixed... Fair enough, there is a bit more than a bikini... Boots and long gloves for example. I'd like to be able to see past a characters clothing and physique and just judge their personality on its own, but like most people I see someone before I hear and learn...
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    Poll: Which is Worse (for Female Characters): Appearance or Actions/Behaviour/Role?

    I'm generally not bothered that female characters are a bit sexualized, but then I'm gay and am as prone to drooling over good looking women as anyone. It is definently more important for a character to have a good solid personality and a way of acting that makes sense, but it should also be...
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    Which direction to you normally sleep in?

    I sleep chest down and slightly angled towards wherever my head is facing, but I dont like to put all my weight on my breasts cause that feels uncomfortable so I put a pillow partially under my belly so that it kind of balances out. Then I stick a couple of big pillows under my head, and one...