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    a question for smokers...

    Because... I like it. I really don't know what else to say. Sure, it's also to get away from people, relax, gather my thoughts, and all that good stuff, but even when I don't need to do any of those things, the simple fact is that I like it, health hazards be damned.
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    Would You Pay Almost $60,000 For A Cell Phone?

    So, you're telling me that if I buy this phone, I am one step closer to becoming Yusuf Amir? Fuck yeah!
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    Stupid Escapist keeps telling me I'm 12 hours in the past.

    No, it's just that The Escapist is now a time travelling website.
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    Recommend me some good metal of the death variety.

    I recently discovered that death metal is pretty dang awesome, but I don't really know any good death metal bands.
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    Your favorite lesser known band

    Oh man, that was fucking AWESOMEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for exposing me to this kickass band! :D OT: Where I live, Joy Division is a lesser known band (I'm not kidding), so I guess that's my pick.
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    ever made a forum post or comments you regret.

    Not in recent memory, no. But there was a dark period when I wasn't exactly the nicest forum poster around. It all ended about 2 years ago, when a mod on Gametrailers banned for being such a stupid cock, then I bitched at him and called him a stupid cock, then he permabanned me. Then there was...
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    What will be the next thing that causes violence in the youngsters of "today"? =]

    I don't know. Video games seemed to be the thing that politicians said causes violence in kids, but with the Supreme Court protecting the little kid Video Game Industry from the bully that is Leland Yee and his Band of Shit Biscuits, I think (I hope) that all this bullshit will blow over in a...
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    Poll: would you die for your country?

    Hell no. My country is dumb, and the people that run in are even dumber. End of fucking story. DUMMBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB!!!!!
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    Poll: Teen Shot dead after attempting to mug man

    He had every right to shoot, but I think that shooting the kid FOUR FUCKING TIMES is a bit much.
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    Bad Movies Which You Love

    3000 Miles From Graceland. It's not terrible, but it has many flaws. But the ending twist redeems the entire movie. I mean come on, KEVIN COSTNER IS FUCKING ELVIS!!!!!! Awesome.
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    So, on a scale of 1-10, how bad is this?

    It's fucked up, but you said they BOTH got wasted. Now, people do a lot of dumb shit when they're wasted. I mean, people say that I threw a blanket over the balcony on New Year's Eve two years ago, but I don't remember shit. You have every right to kick him in the dick and never talk to him...
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    Your favourite quote(s)?

    "Yeah, well, you know... that's just like, your opinion, man." - The Dude
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    What would someone use as bait to trap you?

    A big jar of Nutella, a few slices of bread and a knife.
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    PAX 2011: Quantum Conundrum Is A Curious Kid's Dream Come True

    I saw the Gamespot demo on Giant Bomb (weird, right?) yesterday, and it looks awesome. Even better that it's a downloadable game, so hopefully it'll be as tight as Portal.
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    Most Tragic Villain

    I think the tragic part of his arc is that he gets ended by way of a lobotomy with a golf club. By his fucking son.