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    give me a list of your top ten indie game soundtracks

    Superbrothers: Sword and Sorcery, the game was alright but the soundtrack is the one of best I have ever listened too.
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    Can I achieve 'Gotta Catch Em All!'?

    No You missed this page These pokemon are impossible to get in x & y. Also some pokemon are exclusive to friend safari so you might want to check which ones you can only get there. My advice...
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    Who has a brag worthy machine?

    It was a family computer before I got it, it had an awful graphics card which I upgraded for the 6670 As for the Witcher 2 I can't run it any higher than 20 fps on the lowest setting
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    Who has a brag worthy machine?

    OS: Windows 7 64-bit CPU:i7-2600 3.40GHz 8 CPUs RAM:12 GBs GPU: AMD 6670 HD Screen:generic Pnp Monitor <-- crap? Keyboard: a comfortable microsoft one Mouse: Logitech M570 and A4tech X7 V-track(is this any good it was a "present") Its serviceable plays medium-high settings on most...
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    Weird game "habits"?

    The typical OCD and refusal to sell anything that if not clearly junk.In stealth games, constant reloading if I feel I was not stealthy enough. Though the ones even I find weird: -I will always try to have a pistol with me. -If the game has health potions I will refuse to use them. -I make...
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    Steam rating and Top Three Steam games

    Steam rating 2.2 Top 3 past two weeks Just Cause 2: 4.9 hrs last two weeks / 50 hrs on record KOTOR: 0.8 hrs last two weeks / 10.9 hrs on record Deus Ex: 0.6 hrs last two weeks / 11.1 hrs on record Ignoring Far cry 3 which I have no idea but been playing the most the past month...
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    The Technology Help Corner.

    I have no idea where else to so here it goes... I've been trying to run the Witcher 2 and by all accounts I should run it at the very least, low spec at 30-40 fps but I cant seem to get it past 25 fps. I have a Dell XPS 8300 with Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit CPU:Intel Core i7 2600 @...
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    Great must-see movies

    I'd recommend anything by: Martin Scorsese, Quentin Tarantino, or Stanley Kubrick For Individual movies: American Gangster Braveheart Gladiator Hot Fuzz Fargo 12 Monkeys The Fugitive The Birds The Jackal The Hunt for Red October Platoon Apocalypse Now If you are up for reading...
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    Escapist Podcast: 059: Puffins & Gaming in Relationships

    Mike how could you eat those poor puffins. Great podcast actually
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    Crap that STILL bugs you.

    Lord of the Rings: I find boring as hell, I don't like the world, or the characters or the fact that its a nine hour movie. I also made a point of watching it all so my hate wasn't wasn't. The King Kong Movie by Peter Jackson: It's boring as well and King Kong dies in the end(I...
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    "Wait... its 3 am!?"

    Almost any game I pick up, because I have the ungodly combination of wanting to finish the game as fast as I can but I have to do everything in it. My latest one is Borderlands (steam sale yay!) I finished the game in 3 days with 28 hours played :P
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    Steam Sale is ending. Whatcha get?

    For the first time, I went all out 2K collection: Mafia 2 Spec Ops: The Line Civilization 5 Darkness 2 Bioshock 2 Borderlands Just Cause 2 Universe SandBox Gods and Kings Expansion
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    ME3 Extended Cut Are You Appeased *Video Spoilers*

    Meh... I felt the same empty feeling as the original endings. I don't know if that's because I just finished seeing Blade Runner and I'm comparing them. Sure they fixed the plot holes but the elephant in the room is still there, not that I expected them to actually remove the kid. Refusal...
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    Poll: What gender do you choose in RPG's?

    I play both, usually first time around I play as male applying my morals and such, then switch to female for a different experience (kill everyone). If I play more than twice I roll a female, because for me its easier to act as different character.
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    List your favourite video game genres from most to least favourite.

    Anything below 10 I won't enjoy. If I missed anything it's because I haven't played it or don't remember playing it. <spoiler=My lovely list> 1.Platformer. 2.Puzzle. 3.FPS. 4.Action/Adventure. 5.RPG. 6.Racing. 7.Simulation. 8.Survival Horror. 9.TPS. 10.RTS. 11.Sport Games...