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    The Big Picture: One Day in November

    Just going to point out that Mitt Romney is not the republican Nominee yet...
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    SOPA hearing yesterday: There are not enough /facepalms in the world

    Yo check this out, there is one man who does not stand with these bills:!
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    SOPA hearing yesterday: There are not enough /facepalms in the world

    This. Even though people are being kinda crazy about him right now, it makes sense why. I never really cared about american politics until i heard about Dr. Paul. Im Canadian and i understand that he is not only the best thing for America, hes what america NEEDS right now. Im willing to put...
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    SOPA hearing yesterday: There are not enough /facepalms in the world

    Whats going on? why can't i see anybody's identify and why is everyones join time, December 31st 1969. Its kinda starting to feel like we all like in some Roland Emmerich movie! Seriously like all of this stuff happening at once! IS IT JUST ME OR IS THE ENTIRE WORLD GOING CRAZY! 1. THE...
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    Things that Skyrim Needs

    1. I really would love to see some destructible environments, if i have an axe and i want to cut down a tree i would like to be able to cut down that tree. If i want to use that tree to make chopping wood/firewood. then take that firewood and make arrows. (Be part of every stage of production)...
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    Poll: Hardcore Mode in Skyrim

    I am from canada, and i have to say, if it was a blizzard and someone broke into my house, stole my food, and slept in me bed I would be anything but pleased.
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    The Dragonborn Comes (Cover)

    Hey everybody I found this cover of "The Dragonborn Comes" on youtube. I know that a ton of people on the escapist are totally addicted to Skyrim information (Just like me) So i thought that i should share with everyone: (also this video is amazing and everyone should see it)...
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    What's Your Opinion of Occupy?

    ^THIS. It is very refreshing to see more people on the escapist that take my point of view. The system we live in is beyond broken, it needs to be changed. How can we live in a just and fair society when the same collection of companies control who gets elected, (Through corporate interest...
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    MOBA players need to chill I tried to Google MOBA and this is what i found. I still dont know what you guys are talking about but the way i see it, people who go to this museum must be kinda mean :P
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    Marijuana - Advice?

    well what you are saying is that you seem to have a prejudice towards it... This is probably because all of your life all anybody told you was that "weed is bad." One of the reasons that you probably think that it is bad is because marijuana is still technically illegal. You even said...
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    Poll: Which Game should I buy? (not skyrim)

    I would say Batman, i have heard so many good things about that game. Or ya you could go get skyrim, because it is as good as everyone is saying.
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    Educate a noob on Skyrim.

    By your criteria it seems like no game on earth is worth playing. Nothing is ever REALLY accomplished by playing a video game, But at least in skyrim i can fight dragons...
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    I live in toronto, and i have to say its one of the nicest cities i have ever been too. The people are mostly nice (although people will tell you otherwise) Everything is very clean, public transit is pretty decent compared to most cities, and it is a major entertainment hub for north america so...
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    For the older gamers (10+ years of gaming), what is your GOTD (game of the decade)?

    It would have to be OBLIVION for sure. I played that game for so many so many. SKYRIM IS OUT IN 3 DAYS!
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    looking for an actual RPG

    Ya i would have to say wait 4 days and get skyrim.