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    How Do You Prove Something Doesn't Exist?

    You can't. But... Nigh everything we know about the universe is only a model, a way we explain it which is close to but not entirely the ultimate truth (in the same way as Newton's laws work for nearly everything nearly exactly). This is relevant because it essentially means that while...
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    The kindest (karmaticly good) thing you've done in a video game?

    Back when I was about 12, on Diablo 2: I joined a random game with a random new-to-the-game level 3 or so Paladin, playing my 89 Blizz Sorc with about as good stuff as you could get, and declared "I am now your guardian angel". I then proceeded to help the guy through the whole game, with...
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    Poll: People on the escapist with the same first name as you.

    Just try finding another Kester.
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    "If I don't make this out alive tell ..."

    If I don't make it out of this alive tell nobody that it's because I never left. Just you wait... You'll all see...
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    League of legends love.

    Of course there is ^^ My name ingame's the same as on the forums - it's the same everywhere I go if I can help it. It's awesome, and if anyone fancies a game (or even a versus) then I'm up for it, so feel free to add me ingame.
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    Need a new game to play

    Both of these are brilliant suggestions, I'd really check them out if you haven't already, OP. And if you need help getting into LoL, if you're EU I know a lot of people who can help (and obviously myself).
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    Poll: Is "A Song of Ice and Fire" worth my time?

    I just don't want him to die before it's over... OT: Well, the series is good, but the books are fucking epic. That's a 'yes', just in case it's not plain enough.
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    is 0 even or odd?

    I think this isn't a question, but a survey of the average escapist's intelligence. "You can't divide it by anything" --- Really? 0/1 = 0 "It's just a concept" --- So is the number 1 "It's the lack of a number" --- But it still functions in the same way as other numbers It's even.
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    Do Americans have a right to carry?

    Only if they can feed themselves. Carries can't just rely on getting fed.
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    Oh Apple, you bastards.

    Well, so long as they're gonna make more money from it. Well, to be honest, I should imagine Apple will be kicking themselves - at this point their brand reputation is worth far more than a few thousand Macs sold.
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    oh god, you just killed your avatar

    Well, if you're implying that she existed and I killed her - permanently eliminating any hopes of me attaining some form of power like hers, I have no idea what I'd do. I suppose I'd take her head and ask for it to be implanted into my body.
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    Poll: Escapist! How long have you been here?!

    I joined a while back, at the start of 2010 - but I never used it untill very late in the year.
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    Small things that annoy the crap out of you

    Another joke! These are funny =D
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    Small things that annoy the crap out of you

    Ah... The irony makes me laugh - intentional or not. I agree, evidently.
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    Metal Thread

    I think you should do a giant list of all the bands, and let escapists post comments favoriting bands/adding more, and keep track of it all with the band name and favorites next to each other - in one massive post. Anyway, here are some bands I know quickly (I could always dig up more) that I...