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    Micky Mouse Degrees

    I'm sure I read somewhere that there's a university in England that was offering a degree in Batman. Sadly I can't remember which University it was.
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    Most Important Event in History

    I couldn't pick one single event in history, since it's all important and part of the meta-narrative people rubbish nowadays. So I guess my actual answer would look something like this:
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    Does anyone use their PS3 for internet?

    I use mine occasionally. It's not the best web browser, but it's good for some stuff.
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    What is the most outrageously stupid thing you've ever done?

    I once licked my finger and put it into a light bulb socket to see what would happen. To this day I've no idea why I did that. >.>
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    Family motto

    Probably don't have a coat of arms. No real motto either. But if my family were to have one it would be the sage words of my dear old Dad: 'If something's worth doing, it's worth doing properly'. So yeah, if my family wanted your bases, they would definitely all belong to us. It's a good...
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    Poll: Have You Ever Gone Through The "Emo" Stage?

    Have I been an Emo? No, never. We didn't have them back in my day. I went though a phase where I was a miserable git, but that was because my parents were divorcing. I didn't need or want any attention mind, I was too busy dealing with the aforementioned mess that is divorce. So uh.. I...
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    How are you today? Why do people ask this question?

    I ask it to find out how people are doing. Usually because I want to actually know. My reply to this question is usually, "Oh, y'know, I'm getting There. Wherever There is."
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    Does Final Fantasy XIV have a shot against World of Warcraft?

    Will FF14 beat World of Warcraft? Unlikely I think, but hey, there's a chance. We haven't actually seen it yet. It would take some work to shift 11 million people from one MMO to another! Still, Having played FFXI for a few years I'm chuffed. Although XI had rocky beginnings the devs did...
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    Philosophy versus Science, the ultimate experiment.

    Hmm.. in the war between Philosophy and Science, I think Philosophy would win. Or would it?
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    Poll: Can you drive with manual transmission?

    English, so yes. For about 10 years now. It's not as difficult as people say it is. It's a bit like, I dunno... the controls for CoD4. At first you struggle but eventually you get to the stage where you're chucking grenades and crouching and firing all without thinking about it.
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    Long, Dark Brown, all the way down to the small of my back. Been like that for 10 years now. With the occasional trim when it gets all split-endy.
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    Man Talk On Marriage

    1. Already married. It'll be4 years this winter. 2. It wasn't my greatest goal, but is was up there. Goals can change over the years y'know. 3. Having great friends who love you no matter what is one of the best things a man can have. if one of these great friends is married to you, then...
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    Hey! I'm new here! My name is Soaring Biscuit!

    Greetings! Since your name mentions one of my favourite foods, I like you all ready.
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    Souls- Do we have them?

    Yes, I believe the soul exists. Probably not in the way we think it does though.
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    Monster Hunter

    The premise of Monster Hunter is simple. 1. Pick a weapon. 2. Go out into the wild and Stab Things To Death. 3. Carve materials of the carcass 4. Use said Materials to create better weapons and armour then go out and kill more powerful beasties. I was quite annoyed when they...