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    Zero Punctuation: Star Wars: Battlefront 2

    I've fell out of watching the new ZP religiously every week, but I'm glad I came back for this one. I laughed out loud at least three times. There's so much good material to make jokes out of with this game.
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    Shovel Knight Will be in Yooka-Laylee

    There's no such thing as too much Shovel Knight love. Well, there probably is, but we're nowhere close to that point, so let's keep it coming.
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    Predicting What's New on the Nostalgia Horizon - The PS1 Era

    Bah, ninja'd. But yeah, Yooka-Laylee and Bloodstained were the first things that came to mind. And I agree. There was a lot from the PS1/N64 that could benefit from today's tech and methods. I mean, look what the Shivel Knight guys did: they made one of the best 8-bit games ever
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    The worst video game ending ever

    As much as I love Dark Souls, I have to agree here. I appreciate the more mysterious, hands-off approach to world-building and story development that the games offer, but I wish they would be just A LITTLE BIT less mysterious in the endings. Both Dark Souls and Dark Souls II left me feeling...
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    Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild Preview - Not Your Mama's Hyrule

    Possible mistake: wasn't the stamina meter introduced in Skyward Sword? It seems a bit different here (depletes while climbing and hanging on ledges and such, a la Shadow of the Colssus), but the basic function is the same.
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    How could I have deprived myself for so long?

    Yes! Once people got over saying "it's hard!" and started talking about how it built on beloved game design choices from the likes of Zelda and Metroidvania, how the game emphasized exploration and atmosphere in both gameplay and storytelling, you know started talking in understandable terms...
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    Tropes you are tired of.

    I can write the lore and the overall plot.
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    Tropes you are tired of.

    I would LOVE that! I'm imagining a game where you can fly around Starfox64-all-range-mode style (but a much bigger world), and the bad guys are imperialistic Spanish-Inquistition-style dragon hunters who want to indiscriminately wipe out all dragons, but it turns out that it's only one...
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    Tropes you are tired of.

    One of few things I really liked about Dragon Age II was the subversion of this trope. Aveline spends the whole game in full plate mail and is the default tank. And the healer-mage is a guy.
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    Tropes you are tired of.

    I agree. The first few times I saw this, I'm thinking around the time of Final Fantasy Tactics and Xenogears, it was provocative: "Whoa...they actually WENT there." Now it just seems childish and petulant, like "Yeah, yeah, we get it. You don't like Christianity--specifically the medieval...
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    Remaking Old Games is a Fool's Errand

    The problem is not second-hand sales as a concept. The issue is that video game retail is dominated by GameStop, who pushed used sales like crazy because it gives them more profit. Also, there's the fact that a new release game is $60 whereas a new release hardcover book is around $20-30...
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    Zero Punctuation: Star Fox Zero

    Really? There are people say that? The man who made Super Mario Bros and The Legend of Zelda, the respective archetypal templates for the entire platformer genre and the action-adventure genre, was NEVER a good game designer? Seriously? I mean, hating on his more recent work is...
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    Why do you hate the new COD IW trailer?

    I didn't dislike it, but I work with with teenagers (high school teacher here) and have watched the CoD craze grow from MW2 onward so I may have some insight. I've heard many younger people who have grown up with CoD since the early MW days say that it's better than games like Halo because...
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    Poll: PS1 library or PS2 library?

    PS2 voter here. PS1 had a ton of JRPGs and a lot of ground-breaking titles, but most of what those ground-breaking PS1 titles did was refined greatly on the PS2. Metal Gear Solid 2 and 3 make the first game feel like a tech demo (gameplay-wise; if you prefer the story of 1, that's fine, but...
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    So...Other M wasn't a terrible game.

    Just because she's a free agent doesn't mean that she's willing to fly in the face of Federation law. We see from Super Metroid and Metroid Fusion that she works with the Federation, not against it. She's not an outside-the-system rouge like smuggler Han Solo; she's a work for/with the system...