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    So, wanna talk about Pornographic VideoGames?

    That'd still fall under the film level of doing it. Showing that yes, they are having sex, without being voyeuristic about it. Unlike hentai games, where they must show every single act in extreme detail in between all the "I'll bweeaaak, I'll bweeeaaaaaak!!"s. If visual novels with shoved in...
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    So, wanna talk about Pornographic VideoGames?

    Tell me, when you watch a film, and the characters are about to have sex, do you sigh in disappointment when it goes to a new scene as they're kissing on the bed, rather than having a 30 minute full on hardcore pornographic scene for the audience to masturbate together in beautiful harmony in...
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    Fate/Stay Night and Typemoon in General

    I'd highly recommend you play the Good End for UBW, I'm pretty sure you'd love it, given we share the whole not-getting-over-Saber thing. It has similar screen time for Saber as Fate did, since you're constantly talking to her, not Rin. You need all 5 endings, so Fate -> 1 UBW route -> HF...
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    Fate/Stay Night and Typemoon in General

    I wasn't a big fan of it because I saw it right after UBW good end, and I was like... kay, I just got my closure happy ending already, what purpose does this serve? Saber's relationship with Shirou is better suited to a more sibling relationship anyway, in my opinion. I head-canonise the...
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    Fate/Stay Night and Typemoon in General

    I think he was always like that - he frequently calls out statements about Rin, about how as a woman, she should be quieter and more obedient, I assume his friendship with Issei influenced this. I think seeing a small woman like Saber overpower a monster like Berserker dynamically changed his...
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    Fate/Stay Night and Typemoon in General

    They only give you that choice, because they never give you the most important one:
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    Fate/Stay Night and Typemoon in General

    Ah, I assumed it would do to some extend, but didn't know for sure, thanks.
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    Fate/Stay Night and Typemoon in General

    If Yuki Kajiura composes HF and it's not trying to compress it all into 26 episodes, then maybe I'll be excited by the anime - but it's the most interactive route and no Fate/Stay Night visual novel adaptation has been anything above mediocre, so... That said Fate/Zero is still excellent, I...
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    "I'd like to get back to ____, but I'll have _____ waiting for me"

    You should finish that arc, the PTSD arc is the best part of MLA. And then you might as well finish it. What's the point of spending so much time wading through the bad if you aren't going to read all of the good? And that scene doesn't have any of the impact it has if you just google it...
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    Upload them to dropbox, and then send them the download link?
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    Animes That Have Blown You Away

    From what I understand, it was essentially a joint creation. Nasu gave Urobuchi the storyboard and the characters, Urobuchi wrote it, and then Nasu also filled in as the role of editor. Which is what Urobuchi needed, given he was in a writing slump at that point. I agree with your Urobuchi v...
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    The 'Provocative Clothing' Rape Defense

    *raises hand* Doesn't your example prove that clothing doesn't stop rape though? As you said, a rape is going to happen. And lets say that not wearing 'provocative clothing' reduces the probability of you being raped. I'm fairly sure that has as much validity as saying violent video games cause...
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    If Anime Cliches Happened In The Real World

    In the latter case, it will be near impossible to study, as every time you lose line of sight of a board the contents will have completely changed. OT: Absolutely everyone will have a childhood friend who they've grown up with and are incredibly close with and have 'secret' romantic interest...