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    Which Social Link would you be?

    Yeah i've taken a quiz and my top three are death, the priestess, and the tower. Makes alot of sense to me actually although i feel alot like a moon or hermit too o.o Honestly i think everyone can relate to all arcanas in one way or another though, which is probably the point!
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    What are good PSP games?

    My absolute favorites are Persona 3, Final fantasy 4(comes with the after years), final fantasy cisis core, Dissidia, Kingdom hearts bbs, and final fantasy tactics. Lunar, the third birthday, and the god of wars arent bad either. I really like the psp loads more then than the ds. it surprisingly...
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    Poll: How do you have your tea?

    Black tea is really good for you too right? And wow i feel lame didnt even know people ever put milk in tea lol. I always just drink either black or green tea with sugar. Ill also have "sleepy time" before bed sometimes. I love celestial seasonings :3
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    Gamers Statistics

    Shin Megami Tensei series, Souls series (dark, demons souls), and Final Fantasy series. Male 19
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    I now know why everyone hates Metal Gear Solid: 2

    Yeah after playing all the MGS games 2 is very much the weirdest one, especially all the codecs in the end. For some reason though i didn't mind raiden at all. Probably because I just played them for the first time when the HD collection came out so the swaparoo didn't surprise me at all. Loved...
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    Update: Square Enix May Have Axed Final Fantasy Versus XIII

    I didn't post the article to show i think it is cancelled, in fact complete opposite. You should be able to tell by my avatar i want this game to be released so badly. Don't know why i put i don't know what to believe in, i'm a bit tired lol. Either way though i don't speak japanese and don't...
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    Update: Square Enix May Have Axed Final Fantasy Versus XIII

    I honestly dont know what to believe at this point but if it is axed i'll be beyond bummed out. Yet according to ign(not completely trustworthy either i know) Yoichi Wada said in a tweet that it's just a rumor and all that...
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    Query: Are JRPGs getting worse or am I just getting old?

    From a younger person's perspective yes i do think they are getting worse. My first jrpg i can really remember is final fantasy 10 or dark cloud if you count that and i loved both of them. I have ALL the final fantasies and lots of the shin megami tensei series, and not a single jrpg on my ps3...
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    Guild Wars 2 release date has been announced

    Whoa the day before my birthday perfect!!! :D I honestly hope my crappy laptop can run it though.. I got the first guild wars right when it came out and played all the expansions. Finally quit after 500-600 hours of gameplay which disgusts me somehow lol >.< Seriously though my laptop...
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    Recommend me some books

    I never have been much of a reader but there are a select few i was able to get into. Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit. Vampire Hunter D First few Harry Potters until i got bored silly and stopped. I heard a song of fire and ice is amazing but i have yet to get it! I also had the...
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    Dark Souls. Why should I keep playing?

    These tips will make this game so much more enjoyable for you, know they did for me! First off what kind of character are you rolling? Second you should never have to grind. I played a knight and was fine mostly. The only 2 spots you should grind it's kind of cheap, but worth it because it...
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    So. My room smells of....

    Usually nothing i let it air out all the time. Now it smells a bit like my calogne though. Just got off work, ran, showered, and feeling good! :)
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    Name a game (or two) you never completed

    The vehicle sections ruined resistance for me. They were so extremely tough with barely any checkpoints. OT: I don't finish that many games, most lose my interest >.<. Deus Ex HR i almost finished but it was stolen, so now im trying again. Most final fantasies i can't finish due to...
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    Why all the Gamestop hate?

    I'm the same. The local store is 5 minutes away, so i became a member and get almost all my game stuff there. All the clerks are super nice, especially this one guy who just talks and talks about video games he's played its funny. Yet just like every franchise theres going to be great and...
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    Dark souls Vs. Skyrim

    I don't know what your build is. Yet that part was so easy for me. Just run through it naked with a black knight sword like you practically can the whole game. When you get to the top of that bridge just turn right and charge that knight. A post blocks the left one from hitting you. OT: Dark...