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    Best PC Graphics to date: Top 5

    People are confusing aesthetics and graphics here. I still think the the Cryengine games have the best visual fidelity..
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    Games You'd Like To Be Made?

    A Persona game for the PC that doesn't have turn based combat.
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    Oh shit they picked......

    Leona in League. Her laning phase is so binary - she's either winning hard or getting curbed.
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    Poorly Reviewed Games You Enjoyed

    Mirror's Edge. Yes, the gunplay was terrihorribad, but if you look past that, the gameplay is new and refreshing with some amazing aesthetics.
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    What do you disagree with Yahtzee on?

    Mirror's Edge is the best single player game on PC this generation.
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    3 years later... what happened?

    I'd probably blame all the lurkers who have come out of hiding. :P
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    3 years later... what happened?

    Long time lurker here, and I have to admit that there are less and less threads that I read from top to bottom. All the sexism and rape threads just bore me to tears. I did like the "I'm about to be dumped." thread this week tho, lots of good life advice there. I also really miss Extra...
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    New BioShock Infinite Trailer Makes a Deal With the Devil

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    Your 20 Favorite Games Ever.

    Let's Try! Bastion The Curse of Monkey Island Mirror's Edge No More Heroes World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade League of Legends World of Goo Driver: San Francisco Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne Heroes of Neweroth Journey Bloodline Champions Planescape: Torment Team Fortress...
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    Mirror's Edge

    I can second that. I've just completed a no-combat (barring that one time) run.
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    Mirror's Edge

    So instead of discussing Space RPGs and GOTYs, I'd like to discuss a gem-of-a-game from 2009 that I really liked - Mirror's Edge. Yes, there were sections that made you yell at the monitor (in a bad way), the sub-par story and gameplay elements where you just had to ask "Why would you do this...
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    What's your favorite MTG card?

    Well, the best card is Stoneforge Mystic. * Great art. * Sneaks stuff around counterspells. * Gives you card advantage. * Pretty good flavor. * Is legacy playable and doesn't cost a million bucks.
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    The Five games that define you as a gamer

    1. Warcraft III/FT This is pretty much my childhood summarized with one word. I spent more hours fiddling in the World Editor than I have ever sunk into any game ever (Maybe with the exeption being the second one.) It's the game that has converted me into a Blizzard nut, and shaped my life in...
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    What's the hardest boss fight that you've recently played?

    Holly Summers on Bitter during my Blood Berry/No Charged Attacks/No Pickups run. One-two hours every day for about two weeks until I even got close to killing her.
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    Your favorite new IPs of this generation

    No More Heroes. Can't you tell by my Avatar/Name? I just love the colorful characters to bits. Also the music is really really really good.