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    Worst parts of the best games

    nah, im still talking about pc. Some sections weren't too bad, but exploring planets was very tedious, especially when you could fight better on foot.
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    Worst parts of the best games

    mass effect - the Mako sections.
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    just got back on for my sophomore year of college: out of 3 nights back at school I've gotten a total of about 18 hours of sleep - not that bad except that 10 hours was all in one night and 4 a piece for the other 2. And the other 2 were drunken sleeping so it isn't exactly super restful. Going...
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    Weirdest thing you have seen today? <- this. I may have nightmares. But you just can't look away.
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    Doublebear's Dead State Is Fallout Plus Zombie Apocalypse

    I want it. But I am also prepared for disappointment, the way they describe it seems to be a smart zombie game with an xcom-like turn based battle system. I still haven't found a game that really stacks up well against the original xcom, and they've had 16 years to make one, so I'm going to...
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    Most Intoxicated You've ever been...

    I'm going to have to pick the time where I distinctly remember walking to the party, remember small pieces of the party which don't make much sense, and eventually remember being about halfway between the party and my place and walking back. I'm still not entirely sure what happened at that party.
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    Fastest way to scare off a girl/guy

    If you are going for the subtle sort of way to scare them off, you can make sure you always point out when they are wrong and argue fervently against any opinion they have. Guarenteed to make them hate you within a few hours of interaction. Unless they are into complete douchebags at which point...
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    Poll: Sadly, I quit

    Generally, on a PC the only time I will resort to attempting to use "cheats" is if there is a glitch in the game that makes it otherwise unplayable. Walkthroughs I have no problem using for RPG's, etc, which reward you for finding minute things which you would probably never find without one.
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    Why Do So Many People Hate the Police?

    The cops job is to arrest you, and anything they do after that point (including saying it'll go easier on you if you talk, they will help you if you talk, etc) is only used towards getting a conviction. Basically, after you are arrested, nothing you say / do can make your case any better, but it...
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    Poll: Do People Pirate Because it's Free? Or is There Something More to it?

    Convenience is a huge factor, though Steam does take some wind out of the sails of that argument if the game is available through it. Another major factor is being a poor college student who has no chance of being able to afford everything which I would like to play. And of course the fact that...
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    Something I learned about PC gaming...

    I have been an avid pc gamer mainly because I enjoy the customization offered (of both the system, and in modding games, etc), and because the controls are vastly superior for most types of games. That said, I have been considering buying a console recently for niche games or games which don't...