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    Mass Effect: Andromeda goes Gold

    This may be the first game I've bought for my XBone since Fallout 4, so I really hope its good. Bioware has a pretty high bar to reach on this one.
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    Though I have always had a dirty desire for a .300 BLK with a 10 inch barrel and a suppressor. Put subsonic ammo in it and it would be just fantastic. The ballistics would be shit after 100 yards, but it would be fantastic.
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    Entertainment recommendations that you regret following

    Whaaat? Thats a but surprising. Yes the second season was generally regarded as poor, but the third and fourth seasons were very well received, particularly the latter. May I ask why? OT: Game of Thrones because it consumed my life.
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    Bad luck with roommates.

    My history with roommates has gone from mildly annoying to disgusting thief. I don't know if its just the people at my university or my shit luck, but I cannot manage to get a halfway decent person to share living space with. My first college roommate stole my credit card information (we got his...
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    And thus concludes Game of Thrones season 6.

    I think its because we've gone beyond the books. Instead of adapting a novel we are now seeing a story crafted specifically for television. It changes the pace a lot.
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    And thus concludes Game of Thrones season 6.

    That was probably the best episode of Game of Thrones since the shows inception. It was fantastic in every way. The camera work was perfect, the score set just the right mood, and my oh my a shit ton of main characters bit the dust.
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    Favourite Rick and Morty Episode

    Close Rick-Counters of the Rick Kind (Rick council episode) has always been a favorite of mine. The idea of thousands of one person making a council just tickles me.
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    How would you feel if someone was illegaly carrying a gun and ended up stopping a massacre?

    Laugh my ass off until I realize the media will not report on it.
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    Poll: Do you vote?

    American: I've voted in every election since I've turned 18, both state and federal. I tend to be out of town when local runs around though, mothafucking college.
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    The Oregon shooting

    You forget a few things. First off, the only things that could really motivate Americans to fight are the same things that would already cause mass unrest in the military itself. I am talking about things related to basic civil rights such as speech, religion, arms, etc. These are the issues...
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    The Oregon shooting

    Its astounding to me that the people who apparently know so much about the military capability of the United States don't also know the military is also chock full of conservatives who care quite a lot about their liberties, and also aren't big fans of shooting their countrymen. In any scenario...
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    The Oregon shooting

    My issue with your argument is that it presupposes that arms are not an integral aspect of American civil liberties and the security of both the individual and the nation as a whole. It has been proven time and time again that a government that isn't checked will endlessly expand and will tread...
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    The Oregon shooting

    Its not paranoia, its literally what has happened repeatedly in other countries and almost in this one a few times. We've had people like Dianne Feinstein go on national media and openly state that they'd confiscate "assault weapons" if they could get the votes in Congress.