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    What Game Took You the Longest to Finish?

    in terms of playing straight through the game without long breaks for me was dark cloud 2. I even put in cheat codes to make the male character immortal and that game still took me one month (was also in school at the time). Though one day i'm gonna have to go back and finish Donkey kong 64. I...
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    Your FTL Fail stories.

    So on the first time I made it to the last planet to fight the final boss I never moved and lost. My reasoning was I didn't see the lines from the planets on which to travel to. So I just sat at the home planet and just lost. I thought the game had actually glitched out too. Then I watched a...
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    Least satsifying game endings?

    I vaguely remember what happens at the end of Risen. Apparently some rock titan is super angry in a volcano (pulled out of its butt at the last minute). Then I have to equip some cardboard looking rock armor with a hammer (so sword speccing is useless). Then fight this titan and the game just...
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    Next Ace Attorney Set in Meiji Era Japan with New Character

    This guy is really reminding me of the demi-fiend from smt: Nocturne mixed with raidou kuzunoha's clothing.
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    New LCS Contract Forbids Streaming Dota 2, Blizzard Games

    was just about to point those two out as well lol. Funny enough they didn't even mention planetside 2.
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    Spiders Force Recall Of Nearly 900,000 Toyotas

    Spiders oh noooo. Next they'll say "bears destroy Nokias." End times...
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    Need some rpg to play,any sugestions?

    A VtmB lover, awesome. So there's a few options for rpgs i know of. On gamecube there's Skies of Arcadia legends (you can grab an emulator for gamecube called dolphin) think sky pirates on this one. A really, really old pc game called System Shock is similar to VtmB style, but it's more...
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    Recommend me manga and anime!

    anime with fan service (non nude): To-Love-Ru (harem with plenty of fan service), Maji de Watashi ni Koishinasi (bits of fan service and harem can get pretty dirty with the jokes), Fairy Tail (has some, but really lame plots every arc), Kore Wa zombie desu Ka (more comedy with a group of...
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    Poll: Gameplay vs Graphics

    i favor gameplay over graphics any day. Now if a game has the best gameplay, but has something like Starcraft 1 graphics I may have to back off. I can pretty much play any game that has the quality of ps2 graphics or better even with starting ps2 games like ico or jack and daxter.
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    I finally found an mmo I like.

    I've gotten to 50 as a monk. The monk story is great, takes a bit of reading, but great. Dragon kick is super cool looking (lvl 50 monk ability). and for anyone who hates the long gcd you can push a monk down to about 2 secs on gcd or a little better with 3 stacks of greased lightning. The...
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    Games You Want a Sequel to

    Honestly deadly premonition. I need more York and Zach. Different case and settings etc. Just more York and Zach.
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    Planetside 2 Adds User-Generated Missions In August

    Yea it's pretty bad. I would honestly switch factions for a while, but i spent so much time and certs on my vanu, I really don't want to switch.
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    Planetside 2 Adds User-Generated Missions In August

    man i know that feeling I started with mattherson vanu(November) before the merge.
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    Guild Wars 2 Adopts Bimonthly Content Updates

    Problem with these updates is they are always broken Day 1 of release. These patches are honestly not really impressive, they are gone by the next few weeks as it is almost all temporary content. Also every patch pulls out another RNG cash box f2p mmos love to use. Here's a link to their...
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    Fix The Text In Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate With This Simple Tip

    I think the only parts i've read were the materials list needed to upgrade and the money cost. Then looking at the monster picture. :p