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    145: Konnichi wa, Nihon!

    Iv been told stories from "gaijin" on how condescending the japanese can be. I didnt really know first hand until i started playing FF11 online when it first came out in the states. Some japanese can really be A holes. Good anime; creaazy porn; phenominal food; great hospitality to...
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    Anyone know any great freeware games?

    If you want a JRPG style game Barkleys Shut up and jam gaiden is the way to go :)
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    Recipes from around the globe.

    Yes hes right moderation is key. Mix it up as much as you can. Remember the darker leaf greens are best for you(spinach). Also fish and chicken are better for you than red meat. Yogurt is a very good snack to eat because your body needs those culturs found in it that most people dont realize.
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    Recipes from around the globe.

    Venison is very good for you it has virtually no fat and is super tasty when made into sausage and put into a jambalaya.
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    138: If Only Wally West Could Wavedash

    The usual is 10 games a week in the arena. Nerf warriors, they are so OP.
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    Accused of being "foreign" when playing online?

    Once i went to VC Canada and some guy thought i was Australian. 0_o -wtf mate
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    Accused of being "foreign" when playing online?

    I know how you guys feel. Im from south Georgia (U.S.). And if you have a "redneck" southern accent you automatically get labeled as missing your front teeth and being overly uneducated and backwards. On Wow my guild got use to me and my friends accents. I know on alot of online games iv...
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    Finding grownups (25 +) on XBOX Live.

    I think the the immature tards on xbox live and WoW forums come from the same cesspool.
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    Favourate classic game?

    Chrono trigger. That game still gives me wet dreams. Some of the best music ever in a game.
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    Warhammer/Tabletop gaming thread

    My God! I peed my pants thinking about how much that all cost.
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    Warhammer/Tabletop gaming thread

    mmmmm warhammer thread. In 40k i use chaos and dark eldar. In fantasy i play chaos(warriors/demons). I use to play lots of necromunda and blood bowl as well. I have a nicely painted gobo team ;). BTW if anyone loves blood bowl like i do go to the fumbble website and sign up. I just...
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    Poll: W40K Uber-Showdown

    Sorry but i was being sarcastic i didnt mean right on top of the tank. But yes a squad of termies with powerfist that can charge and attack a tank will more than likely blow it up. If one squad doesnt do it, just teleport two squads. Hell teleport a squad of obliterators in front of it and...
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    Poll: W40K Uber-Showdown

    Its just a tank right? Teleport a squad of terminators on top of it /wave bye bye
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    Poll: W40K Uber-Showdown

    In the new chaos codex bloodthirster has nice unmodified saves and i believe if he reached any type of tank he could destroy it. Same for the avatar. I think a bloodthirster would beat an avatar in 1vs1 combat though. Another thing a bloodthirster has going for it is it can be summoned. Its...
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    Saturday Morning Cartoons

    I just got through downloading season one and two of "The Real Ghostbusters" Classic show its still great. "The Mario Brothers" along with that nintendo power show with the nintendo kid(forget name). The X-man and spider man shows were amazing along with "The Tick". I remember watching...