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    So escapists... what's your porn name?

    The Crushinator.
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    There's A Pony Of Everything

    One Nathan Filly-on coming right up!
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    Zero Punctuation: Quantum Conundrum

    The week after reviewing a game voiced primarily by Twilight Sparkle, incidentally.
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    Escape to the Movies: Knight and Day ... also Smurfs

    Stay the hell away from Asterix and Obelix, movie producers. I'm actually getting scared to see my own nostalgia being weaponised against me by people who just want to make money. It's really worrying.
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    Zero Punctuation: Kid Icarus: Uprising

    Damn, Zero Punctuation is my favourite weekly ritual. Of course, since I do not own a DS, this may make it quite difficult for me to play Kid Icarus at all. And as for "Go look up if there were angels in Greek mythology"...yes, yes there were. There were servants of Athena called Furies from...
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    If you designed an FPS, what would it be like?

    Honestly, I'd produce something of a crossover between Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Painkiller and Mass Effect (the RPG aspects of it, that is). It'd be set in the far future, and show the psychological trauma of a conscript getting sent into their first battle against the cybernetically enhanced...
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    Favourite Developers of Yesteryear

    Probably Novalogic...they made a fantastic game in Tachyon: The Fringe that got me into games in the first place. Beyond that, I'd probably say Looking Glass Studios, and I'm still a fan of Bethesda Softworks.
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    "We had a way harder life than you!"

    Life never gets any easier. The only thing that changes is our definition of a challenge. Sure, our problems may seem mundane to parents that dealt with different things when they were growing up, but we treat our difficulties the same way. That's the conclusion we reached in my family...
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    Share your heroic deeds

    Okay, well there are two things I consider to fit under that heading... First was 2010, when I was finishing year 13 (I'm in NZ, and while I wasn't a prefect or anything, I was on the school board of trustees), and I was walking from economics across the sports field to the buses. After a...
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    Poll: Do you believe in "women and children first"?

    I believe in the notion of "whomsoever I can push in front of the oncoming combine harvester goes first." Maybe when children were respectful and less irritating and entitled, I'd probably hold their lives over those of anyone else...jeez, that sounded bad, but it's true. Sorry guys.
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    long-distance love

    Well, I've had mixed success. You see, I met my first gf in Australia, and we got together only after I returned to England, promising that we'd meet again. I eventually went down to NZ (she came to visit me there once), and then a few months we broke up because she hadn't waited at all. In...
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    If you had to live anywhere in Skyrim...

    Hmmm, the Khajiit are going to be a problem, then? I suppose I shall have to take my battles...Elsweyr. :)
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    If you had to live anywhere in Skyrim...

    Hmmm, going to get some stick for this, but I say the Thalmor Embassy. Firstly, Talos is a man, not a Divine. Secondly, I dig their sweet robes! :) *Puts up steadfast ward against incoming flames.*
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    5 Game Endings that are worse than Mass Effect 3

    I really don't like the precedent that that will set. I'm sorry, but while I really didn't like the ending of Mass Effect 3 AT ALL (seriously, it was the worst thing I've ever seen a video game company pull, and Mass Effect was the first series I ever truly got into), I don't like the idea that...
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    Favourite Fallout 3 Quest

    He KIND of does. If you go into Camp Golf, you'll find a portrait of Mr House standing in front of Liberty Prime. It's the closest you'll get, I'm afraid. Still, I love that kick-ass robot. OT: Favourite mission...hmmm, you know, I'll say the one I made for myself. When the hitmen came and...