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    Every Other Game Ever

    Man, I love Warbot in Accounting. My favorite one is when he is trying to get the birthday invitations made.
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    Poll: Do you play D&D?

    What class do you currently run in Dark Heresy? I am an Imperial Psyker right now.
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    Poll: Do you play D&D?

    I have not played D&D however I would really love too. I want to run a druid, wizard, or arcane archer in 3.5 when I get the chance. I have recently got into a group that plays Dark Heresy at my university, and it is a blast so far.
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    Legacy of Kain series...

    The story of the series is incredible, I definitely recommend these games. They involve time travel so there is a lot of mind fuckery and overlapping events as the characters go through a story that spans many centuries.
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    Final Fantasy IX....What am I missing?

    I don't think the crystal was destroyed, if it was Gaia would have died. Necron was summoned from the hatred of Kuja and the violence occurring on the world at that time. Necron would have destroyed all life in the universe whereas destroying the crystal would have just killed everyone on Gaia...
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    What did he think the mandatory, unskippable, Pokemon catching tutorial was about then?
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    Unclassified Bacterial Life Found in Antarctic Lake

    If their findings are confirmed by other researchers it will be very interesting to see where these buggers fit on the tree of life, how the different species down there interact with each other, and a myriad of other things. I have been waiting for years for the low down on Vostok's microbes...
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    Top 5 Friday: Top 5 Final Fantasy Games

    Actually the meteor would have wiped out all life on Earth, not just Midgar. He wanted to make a crater larger than Northern Crater (which was many miles in diameter). The meteor would have devastated the planet so completely that it would have required the entirety of the Lifestream to fix it...
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    Top 5 Friday: Top 5 Final Fantasy Games

    I can pick my five favorite but it is much more difficult to pick an order for them after that. So in order of release my favorites are I(NES original), IV, VII, IX, and X. A special shout out to V and VI are certainly in order though. I just love that series so dang much!
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    Poll: You have a clean record. Excellent job, citizen!

    How, if you don't mind me asking, does one get unbanned? Is it like an appeal or something? I wondered if it was possible or not as I had seen names I recognized after seeing them get the hammer. OP: I had one warning for taking some off color humor a little too far.
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    Escape to the Movies: Oz the Great and Powerful

    Oh, God dammit. Why did I look up who played the Wicked Witch? Anyone who is interested in seeing this flick should not look up the actress before seeing it.
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    Way back when, like the better part of a decade, my dad found a copy of Mischief Makers laying in the street and brought it home for me. I never had an N64 until I bought one late last year and seeing as it was the first N64 game I ever owned I played it first.
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    I Can't Stop Playing Plague, Inc.

    As a microbiology major with an interest in epidemiology, games like this and Pandemic are right up my alley. Too bad I don't have a fancy phone to play it on.
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    I played through the entirety of FF VIII my first time without knowing you could hit the trigger on Squall's gunblade every attack, dramatically increasing his damage output. They teach you how to do it in the beginning of the game but I must have forgot or just not been paying attention.
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    Oregonian Invents Beer for Dogs

    Sorry to necro this thread but I have to say, what a small world! This dude and his ridiculous invention are from my amazing hometown. It is cool to see other people from Bend here as well.