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    Friends vs Seinfeld

    I always preferred Seinfeld because it was a much darker comedy and never tried to preach morals or teach lessons about love and happiness and all that jazz like Friends did. Objectively, I think they are both good shows. Subjectively, I liked Seinfeld's humor more because it wasn't overly...
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    The Old Republic: How does it measure up?

    I've had the best time playing SWTOR out of any other MMO I've played so far. It takes a lot of things from WoW, enough that it can be called a WoW clone, but it doesn't take them lazily. It takes the best things and improves on the worse things. This, coupled with a fantastic story and...
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    Face it people. Skyrim isn't cRPG at all.

    I've got a wood-elf character for legitimate roleplaying, and it's pretty fun. Of course, I have a khajiit just to dick around on, but every once in awhile, living in a cave and limiting yourself to carrying only a few items, sleeping, and eating a few meals a day is very satisfying.
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    what the hell happened to runescape?

    They added back the wilderness, and stopped restricting chat and trade about a year ago.
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    Minecraft Graphics.

    I disagree. He might not mean removing the block aesthetic and gameplay, but just enhancing details, lighting, particles and other shit. You could still build and create and mine, but with better graphics.
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    If you had to invade Hell which fictional army would you use?

    The Universal Union from HL2.
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    Poll: Are Kids today taking School for granted?

    Of course they are taking school for granted. I hate waking up every morning because I have to go to school. Sure, it provides me an opportunity to have a comfortable life, but I can't stop hating it for everything that it is. It might be just because our school system is royally fucked up.
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    Thank you, America.

    I can't stand Mountain Dew.
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    How to fuck with people.

    At a workplace, jam the desk cabinet so it only goes 2 inches out but they can't reach inside. Yes. Office reference.
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    Your tale of Minecraft?

    Ever seen the Yogscast? I tend to follow their canon and believe I am in their universe, but not in the same region as them. Other times I will RP that I was a plane crash or shipwreck victim who happened to wake up on a sandy beach.
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    The tragic hero of Portal (spoilers)

    Yeah, I wish I could see more of him. If I had the choice between Atlas and P-Body or Wheatley, I would probably choose Wheatley...
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    Poll: [Portal 2 SPOILERS] Is "Want you Gone" a triumph?

    The ending was awesome of course, but I think the song was a bit worse than the first song.
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    Killing Floor Vs Magika

    Magicka is a very fun game, and the developers can use the support. Killing floor is certainly fun, but gets boring after a bit. I recommend Magicka.
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    X's thoughts on Minecraft's Improvement

    X (Davidr64yt as you may know him on Youtube) has blogged about the flaws of Minecraft and how it can be improved. Bear in mind, this is a huge post, so if you don't like walls of text or you are one of those "TL;DR" guys, turn back now. Here is the link: X's Thoughts...
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    Poll: Your favorite Star Wars game?

    Star Wars: Bounty Hunter was a great game, but I voted for Republic Commando because I played the shit out of that awhile ago.