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    Say One Thing About The Country You Live In

    greece.the thing that everyone in the news talks about the last six years,my generation is wasted if we dont immigrate with current unemployment levels,well we still have the sun.
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    you know what?...fuck ARE important

    graphics are important since they have to promote the aeshetics.aeshtetics is the point though it's subjective you love or hate it,its what communicates the whole visual message to you .is graphics important?ofcourse as a tool,but a game with the best graphics won't appeal to me unleash it has...
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    The Story Doesn't Matter

    great read once again,i have put the me3 fiasco behind but it still hurts,how idiotic of the writers.when an ending is very good or very bad,it's what stays with you,and so the me franchise was no more ps. i would like to see them do another me,without all the relays and all
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    Goodbye BioWare, Hello Indie

    these are some very intrestinting points of view,nice article
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    Jimquisition: Mass Effect 3: A Gay Erotic Love Story

    it's ironic man,relax
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    Jimquisition: Mass Effect 3: A Gay Erotic Love Story

    that was something.freaking hilarious and only a bit disturbing
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    Jimquisition: Beneath A Steel Skyrim

    maybe that's the same feeling i have with skyrim,it's so big it's empty.don't get me wrong i loved it for 100 hours,but they made a world so big that it's not evolving,doesn't have enough intresting characters and makes me not wanting more.100 hours is certainly impressive and well worth the...
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    Max Payne 3 Shows Off His Moves

    it's rockstar so i'm sure they will treat it with the respect the franchise deserves,but shooting was never the strongest part in rockstar games.also why does it have cover you re fucking max
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    Skyrim Question: Does wearing a shield nullify the Mage Armor perk in the Alteration Tree?

    yes i guess but why do you need a shield you should always dual wield magic,impact is broken
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    Poll: Are Skyrim enemies overpowered?

    i believe it's inconstistant not overpowered.a bandit chief is a mini boss he should 3hit kill you.But the big issue is with the dragons being underpowered,and i believe that they did that as a balancing action so they could not kill npcs
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    Critical Miss: The Dragonslayer

    there's a chance everyone in skyrim is dragonborn,except perhaps the dragons
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    Poll: Is Piracy Really That Bad?

    as i see it's really simple you SHOULD buy games that you support the develepors,other games i don't even bother.So understand that pirating is bad because you dont support the game (you like) and thus you will not get as much similar games in the's not a matter of legal illegal its a...
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    Skyrim Early Release

    that's steam for ya
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    Jimquisition: Will Grand Theft Auto V Have No Balls?

    you've got a point and i myself have made before,but it's another thing to have an edgy overarching plot,and another to have a boring main character.i'm mostly talking about red dead though,gta is extremely well in my books
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    Saints Row the AWESOME!

    the plot and the characters was the best thing about the 2.i mean you have johny gat and you a maniac that wants to have fun while taking over a city