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    Miracle of Sound: Calamity (Bastion)

    Alas, I have not a single ounce of a talent that ye' posses, MoS. However, I find this song one of my favorites and will be purchased ASAP!
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    Miracle of Sound: Rise (The Dark Knight Rises)

    I wish I had a thimble full of your talent, man, this song is awesome.
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    Do not waste your money on Dawnguard.

    Considering the fact that it has less content compared to some mods and has even less polish, I agree with the OP. If you're not a rabid fan-boy, do not purchase this DLC, it's a piece of crap for the price.
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    What 3 games have you played the longest?

    Europa Universalis 3 - Brilliant game, absolutely brilliant, around 500 hours. Warcraft 3 - 4000 hours, no lie, all I used to play, every chance. CS:S - 504 hours exactly.
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    Games you're convinced nobody else is playing?

    Earthbound? UNDERRATED? The damn game was highly rated and extremely popular, just because it's old and a classic doesn't mean it wasn't highly rated and extremely popular for its day. Mine would be Hearts of Iron 3 For the Motherland, extremely awesome grand strategy.
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    15-year old Stabs Bully 11 Times at Bus Stop, Gets Away With It

    If you could actually, you know, read, you would know I clearly stated, "You are not allowed to you force (COMMA) because THAT always has THE potential TO kill."
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    15-year old Stabs Bully 11 Times at Bus Stop, Gets Away With It

    You've obviously never been bullied, and don't say you have because you clearly have not. This bully most likely tormented the kid for months, even years, and if they boy had to carry a knife to ensure his safety then good on him. However, one question, what are some "Non-Lethal" was to...
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    Lawyer Destroys Arguments for Game Piracy

    I bet you if no one could pirate games anymore, game sales would go higher. Stop trying to defend illegal activity, no amount of arguing will make the Courts think stealing is right.
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    What does the world have against America?

    Yet the Scots and Welsh have their own nations, what about the Native Americans?
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    Zero Punctuation: The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

    Hard to find. On the front page.
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    Poll: FortressCraft and You

    Halo a take on Doom!? Come on man, one has vehicles and a fully 3D environment complete with cinematic and visuals whereas Doom is an old school FPS. Just because they're the same genre doesn't mean it's a "take" of something, do you believe South Park is a take on Charlie Chaplain because...
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    South Park RPG Class List Includes the Jew

    South Park has been relatively free of penis jokes, it's stupid and low-brow fun. Watch the entire show before judging and LIVE A LITTLE, can't live life all uptight now can we?
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    Poll: PC Gaming Future?

    Millions of people use Steam, 10 million WoW Subscribers, 25 million play League of Legends, not to mention other games/services, hundreds of thousands log into Runescape, RUNESCAPE, everyday. Whoever say it's dying hasn't researched it enough.
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    Worst Games of the year

    Seriously, they put Section 8 Prejudice on there? The damn thing was AAA quality for fifteen dollars, what did they expect? This whole list is junk, not just because I disagree with it, but they're rating games that are currently unreleased, frankly, it's just poor. OT: Sword of the...