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    Medical staff that have had Corona virus around the world in the days ahead.

    I'm going to have to retract my earlier statement as I just don't know enough about the matter to confidently say one way or another.
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    Medical staff that have had Corona virus around the world in the days ahead.

    As far as I've heard, there's no long-term immunity against the virus. There's already been cases of people who have contracted the virus twice.
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    [Politics] UK Suspends Parliament

    So, what's new in BoJo Kingdom?
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    [POLITICS] Robert Mueller Testifies before the House

    Where's that AdamJensen guy who was adamant that Mueller's report was going to get Trump thrown in jail, you'll see, and we just needed to wait for Mueller to finish his investigation?
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    Yay...?(!) (Outer Worlds 12 months exclusive to Epic... and Windows...)

    Because if you didn't actively force consumers to use your platform, then you would never be able to steal any users from steam, and your platform would fade into obscurity and die. So in order to compete with steam, you have to be like steam, and that means platform exclusives.
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    Poll: EA Origin PC Client and Others

    DRM-free all the way. ME3 being one notable exception. Must admit I'm getting a bit of schadenfreude from all the steam fanboys/girls complaining about epic/origin/uplay having exclusives, though.
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    No longer needing to sleep or no longer disposing your human waste, Which do you prefer?

    Countries with functional unions? :P Might be cheaper to hire a new employee rather than paying for overtime, if the productive result is the same in the end anyway. Sign me up for not sleeping, too. Doing night shifts at my work, so that means I'd have time and energy to do stuff during the...
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    English Film adaptations of International Films

    "International films"? Pretty sure there's no such thing as "international" films. Is this just for Hollywood adaptations?
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    A Possible Measure for the WW

    So are all you WW people going to move over there and stop posting here?
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    In Regards to Wild West

    If anything, many of the posts by people in favor of the WW forum in this thread could be considered the best argument why the WW forum had to be shut down.
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    In Regards to Wild West

    So, a forum dedicated to shit-posting and posting of irrelevant spam got infested by shitposting and posters of irrelevant spam. Gee, who would have thought?
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    Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition is out.

    Basically, there's some upscaled resolution and graphical tweaks. There's some mod support tied to steam-drm. Haven't seen any of the online PWs convert to NWN:EE yet, although I won't deny that I might just have missed them. I'd say, for the 20$ they ask, it's only really worth it if you...
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    Poll: PEANUT BUTTER!!!

    I don't think I've ever seen peanut butter anywhere, much less tasted it. So: meh.
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    The Revival of Neverwinter Nights Campaign

    Yeah. That applies to vanilla singleplayer modules and saves. Not multiplayer persistent worlds. I'm not hating EE. I'm saying I think it's overhyped, overvalued and I think you're overestimating the boost steam will provide. The people who are interested in playing NWN1 online are already...
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    The Revival of Neverwinter Nights Campaign

    Or maybe I am! Dun dun dunnn! ... What? We're past the part where we're trying to present an argument to the other person, aren't we? Oh shit, I accidentally typed more than a single sentence in my snarky reply.