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    I Had A Bad Experience At Work Today

    Short answer: no. I worked in returns (target) for 5 years while in high school/college, and I've seen more than my fair share of those people. They usually lash out for one of 2 reasons: 1 is they had a bad day and you are their punching bag. 2 is they wanted to either get something for free...
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    Rudest Customer You've Ever Met

    Worst one I had was when I worked at target. Woman comes in and places one of those large baby playsets on the table and wants a refund. No receipt, nothing proving that she purchased it from us. Her only argument was "there was a recall", which we had no documentation of. I tell her the policy...
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    The last videogame character you played as is trying to kill you

    Strider hiryu is after my head and I got Zero protecting me? Well, this is gonna be good (grabs some popcorn).
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    Favorite Megaman Music

    Never heard that one before, I like it. I'm going to avoid the dr wily's song from megaman 2, since that's been beaten to death. Some of my favorites...
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    That one genre you will always HATE

    This. If I want to play some sports, I'll call up some of my friends and coworkers and we can play. pretty easy since most of us like basketball in one form or another. Racing games also annoy me to no end. I don't hate MMORPGs, but I do have a bunch of trouble getting into them. I haven't...
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    Poll: Donating blood

    I used to, but not anymore for medical reasons. As far as I know, most places don't offer rewards except an occasional raffle for something like movie tickets or something like that.
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    Why Are You Buying a Console?

    I might buy a console, if the exclusives are good enough. Kingdom hearts is a big attractor, as well as This game []. The order looks pretty interesting, as does watchdogs and destiny. I'll wait on FF15 until reviews...
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    Gamer Subculture Study

    EDIT - I'm 24 years from the US 1. Do you consider yourself a member of the gamer subculture? Yes 2. How many hours of videogames do you play a week? ~15-20 3. Do you tend to play videogames by yourself or with friends? With friends 4. How many of your friends play videogames...
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    You're all too depressing...seriously

    Hmm, I'm happy about a new job I got. I didn't really hate my previous jobs, but when you are offered almost a six-figure salary in software development, it's time to move on. Tried natural selection 2 the other day. I thought it was pretty good, but I would have preferred playing it with...
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    You know you live in [Blank] when [Blank]!

    This. I know one year schools were closed for 3 days due to about 1 inch of snow. Granted it was because we don't have anything to clear the streets of snow with (and snow tires/chains are in about 1 house per 10,000), but it is still funny. You know you're in Georgia when a visitor complains...
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    Alright, hands up. Let's be honest here.

    I'm currently 24, and I live in my parents' place. I just got out from college 2 months ago, and have started saving for a house, which is a lot cheaper when rent isn't involved. However, I'll end up moving out next month due to a job offer that takes me 800 miles away from home. That would be...
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    Free-to-play MMORPGs

    I played DDO for a while, and of the F2P MMORPG models I've tried, it's one of the better ones. So I would go with it. If you already know D&D character creation from P&P, you will adjust to DDO's very quickly.
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    The genre you never really cared for

    I could never get into fighting games. For a game that's primarily about playing with other people, it tends to make social situations very boring very quick. Either one guy already plays the game a lot and runs everyone over, making the game very boring, or nobody has played it before, and is...
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    Poll: Borderlands 2 Writer debate over twitter about the racist Tiny Tina

    this tempts me to actually create a twitter account just to say that this writer is an awesome guy and that tiny tina isn't racist, she's just too awesome for some of these people to handle. Give this guy some oatmeal raisin cookies... i mean chocolate chip cookies.
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    Pokémon: Any other "shiny virgins" out there?

    I've only got 1 shiny from random encounters. I do have about 7-8 now, through various trades. My favorite is still my shiny gallade. The problem with finding shiny pokemon is that they are shiny due to their pokemon IDs meeting certain criteria (I think its something like the last few digits...