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    Recommend me the best Monty Python skits?

    This first one is from my favorite episode, which included this sketch, Our Eamonn, the Travel Agent, and Anne Elk's Theory on the Brontosaurus. It's too great for words. :D "Mt. Everest - forbidding, aloof, terrifying. The mountain with the biggest tits in the world." And now...
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    J.J. Abrams Confirms Half-Life Movie, Teases Official Portal Film Announcement

    That pretty much hits the nail on the head. Though I'm interested (if not a little excited) about the prospect of a Portal movie, I'm worried that it'll be a vapid action film solely because of its video game roots, and that's what misguided studio execs believe audiences demand from video...
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    What (aesthetically) is the most beautiful game you've ever played?

    Tied for my top position are Contrast and BioShock. The two bear more than a passing resemblance to one another, but Contrast takes a sultry approach to the art deco style whereas BioShock was delightfully twisted.
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    Digital Homicide trying to sue Steam users

    And an expert caveat that was! Do you work in video game PR by any chance? ;)
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    Digital Homicide trying to sue Steam users

    I wouldn't be too sure about that. Their lawsuits are as frivolous and ill-advised as the interactive monstrosities they once tried to peddle on Steam.
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    Youtube Policy is changing the rules for monetize again! Chaos! PANIC! UPDATED AGAIN!!!!

    I made a response just like that on the videos that h3h3 and SomeOrdinaryGamers put up today. :D To be exact: How much do you want to bet that CNN, Fox, ABC, CBS, etc. aren't going to lose monetization on their videos that talk about (and show pictures/videos of) war, terrorism, rape, mental...
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    Youtube Policy is changing the rules for monetize again! Chaos! PANIC! UPDATED AGAIN!!!!

    Boogie posted a new video that's quite disturbing... Apparently his videos talking about mental health are being de-monetized, as well as videos from channels that talk exclusively about mental health. This whole "family friendly" thing is really going too far. I guess that, according...
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    Tommy Wiseau on a copyright binge... Again.

    Yeah, but Hugo and Jake aren't going to lose that fight in a million years (unless, as their counsel said, they get a Christian judge who rules against them out of spite due to their content). Only a blind idiot would disagree that the Christiano Brothers group is REALLY taking it too far this...
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    Childhood bath toys?

    I was my own toy. The rest of this question can't be answered in polite company. Okay, okay... that's only half of the story. ;) Truth is, I wasn't allowed to take toys into the bath and was told to start taking showers when I was six years old. Everything about my childhood kind of sucked.
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    Yes, Another Sequel to The Ring is Still Happening

    Wait, wait... there was an American sequel to the first movie? o.O Must have been fantastic seeing as I never heard of it, despite The Ring being one of my fave flicks.
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    Question for those who played Fallout 3

    Can you even, for one second, imagine Tabitha and Lily in the Master's elite forces...? :D Some apples fell pretty far from the tree. As for why they were made superior, I have no clue. The only reason I know the stuff I posted earlier is because I'm playing New Vegas right now and am about...
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    Question for those who played Fallout 3

    When it comes to the Nightkin, they developed an addiction to the Stealth Boys that they used in the Master's army, an addiction that led to schizophrenia-like symptoms (I can't remember if it was actual schizophrenia or if the term was used merely as a descriptor). You learn about that from...
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    It's Hard to Get Nostalgic About Games You Didn't Grow Up On

    I'm not even nostalgic for the games I grew up with. The Atari 2600 was fun when I was a small child, but it seems so primitive now, and repetition (a result of a cartridge's limited data capacity) just bores me. Likewise, you can keep all of those frustrating "three lives and you're done"...
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    Why do people walk on the left side of the aisle

    I have a tendency to veer to my left even though I live in the US, which results in more than a few awkward dances. Not sure if it has anything to do with being left-handed (and VERY left-dominant) but going to the right always feels strange.
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    Spielberg's BFG Flops at Box Office

    I used to work in the kids' department of a bookstore and that's what I always thought it was too, even after I knew better. ;) Mind you, that was only three years after the first Doom game, and I hadn't played it yet so I had no mental association with the gun. It was simply a Roald Dahl book...