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    We're seeking a PC build writer, and you can apply!

    Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-Z97X-Gaming GT: $220 Based on Intel's Z97 chipset, the GA-Z97X-Gaming GT offers high-end features and plenty of expansion room. It even features unique audio upgrades, sparing the desire for a sound card, and offers upgrade potential up to the top-tier i7-4970k...
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    Nvidia's New Monster Titan X Costs a Thousand Dollars

    This is so true that it bothers me anytime anyone mentions the Titan line. This is not a gaming card, it is a home computing GPU that also happens to be really good at playing games. If I wanted gaming performance I would buy another 970. If I want to fold the hell out of some proteins, the...
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    MovieBob leaving The Escapist

    Lisa going again wasn't good, but it wasn't the first time so it wasn't that bad. Jim leaving hurt, but nothing I couldn't get past. Moviebob getting the boot has me worred. If Yahtzee goes then I doubt I'll be here anymore. I only found this site because of him, so if he suddenly doesn't...
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    What forgotten game/IP do you wish to be revived for the current-gen?

    Gladius is one of the games that most people haven't played, but everyone I've met that has played it loved it. I'd love to see it finally get a sequel, but with LucasArts disolved I'm not entirely sure who owns the rights.
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    Poll: Most Anticipated Film of 2015

    Pinocchio 2: Age of Ultron. By all rights it should be Star Wars, but I can't bring myself to get excited for a JJ Abrams project.
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    Benedict Cumberbatch is Officially Marvel's Doctor Strange

    Every main character in a Marvel movie so far has become primarily associated with their role in that movie, except one: Ed Norton. Cumberbatch is Sherlock. He we always be known as Sherlock. There is no room for him to truly be Dr Strange. Personal feeling about his acting and other...
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    Watch Star Wars Episode VII's First Official Trailer Right Here

    It's good to see JJ curb some of his worst tendencies (at least from what the teaser showed us). But there's lots of other problems with this that keep me from getting excited. - Opening shot looks like something out of a fan film. - Stupid droid design. - Shaky cam. - X-wings in...
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    Submit Your Bracket for The Escapist's Reader's Choice Game of the Year 2014

    I'm still burned by the lack of Wolfenstein, so I don't count on much from my bracket.
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    New Elder Scrolls?

    This better be a joke. Fallout 3 was too long ago, if we get 3 TES games before we finally get Fallout 4 I'll be mad as hell. For whatever faults FO3 had at least it wasn't bland like Skyrim or a shoehorned MMO likes Online. I respect the opinions of everyone that would be excited if this...
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    what are the worst pvp maps that everybody played on all the time?

    Firebase Reactor in ME3. Maybe it's just the lighting in my room, but I can't see worth squat on that map, and I hate close-quarter combat in ME3. Firbase Condor, the perennial last-place map, also deserves a mention. Like Darks63 said, Hutball was my least favorite ToR map. Then again it...
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    Can Sony drag itself into oblivion?

    It looks like they are going towards a corporate breakup, which is a real shame. They are competitive in every market they put out products for, and get no respect in none but gaming. The one that upsets me most is their smartphones. I imported a Z1 because I wanted it that much more than a...
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    PC GAMING MASTER RACE, ASSEMBLE!!!! First time PC builder here, how does this rig look? - UPDATE #4

    Do NOT get an EVGA GTX970 w/ ACX. I'm RMA'ing mine for coil whine, an issue that has plagued the ACX 1.0 model and has been known to occur on the ACX 2.0 model as well. EVGA has very good support, but this shouldn't have been an issue in the first place. Go EVGA blower-style or get a...
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    Would You Buy A Console For One Game?

    I actually did recently. XBone Madden bundle. The only reason I don't regret it is that it's actually the best Blu-ray and Netflix machine I've ever used, the games are a nice bonus.
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    What do people want from MMO's?

    I wasn't overly thrilled with Destiny when I rented it, and I absolutely hate Bungie. That said an open world Destiny with better story elements and a progressive endgame would probably be my favorite MMO. I was a big fan of Tabula Rasa back in the day, and mycurrent favorite is probably The...
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    What are your favorite board/card games?

    Battlestar Galactica board game. If you've got 4 hours to kill there's nothing better.