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    Game suggestion

    You didn't list Hades, and I'd super recommend it. Its a little bit easier than other roguelikes (until you get the optional modifiers), but crazy fun.
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    Your Newest Game: what did you get and why?

    Most recent was Pokemon Moon, and I've barely touched it. No clue why. I like what I've played so far, but I just can't drag myself away from Dota and Runescape to go at it. Also I've started playing the Elysium WoW server.
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    Poll: Do you still play pokemon go?

    Yeah, its something to do and it will still be interesting enough until I collect most of the pokemon there are. It's too bad the gyms aren't all that interesting or I'd be interested in raising my pokemon's CP. But as it is, a 1k pinsir might as well be a cp10 weedle considering I've already...
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    Do We Protest Too Much?

    I think we do. If people aren't happy I generally prefer when they suffer in silence and don't annoy the rest of the population who are quite happy with whatever they are protesting. To use your example, the Tshirts aren't hurting anyone, you have to be actively trying to be offended to let an...
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    After Poor Suicide Squad Reviews, Fan Creates Petition to Shut Down Rotten Tomatoes

    I thought the trailers looked pretty cool, so me and a few friends are going to see it today. I hope the reviews are wrong I and I find reason to sign a poorly worded doomed to fail petition.
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    Poll: Gender recognition offence

    I'll call them as I see them. If they tell me what to call them, and I feel like keeping them happy is in my best interest, I'll call them that. I will never understand why they think other people calling them he/her/it is a big deal. Sure, consider yourself whatever the hell gender...
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    1k Posts. Where Do I Go From Here?

    Congratulations. Now join me and stare at the neo badges, knowing that you will never reach it without resorting the deep dark depths of forum games and ERP. Uh, is this Max you are talking about? I never did understand his fame/hate.
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    Is everyone a gamer?

    Cooooooooooonnnnnnnnteeeeeeeeeeexxxxxtttttttt. Context. Words have different meaning based on their context. For example, if I went up to a dog and said "You're a dog", its unlikely to be taken as me basically saying he fucked me over. On the other hand, when I go up to my friends and say...
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    4Channers makes Feminist event Scam, is found out rather quickly.

    Never underestimate peoples stupidity. Chances are someone would be dumb enough to pay for it. It used to deserve that reputation though. It went downhill in the sense that instead of being a horrible place for horrible people, its now a place that everyone tries to make think is a horrible...
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    Vent: Doom 4 multiplayer may have loadouts for some modes

    And therein lies the problem. It appeals to people who didn't even like the previous entries in the series. It'd be better off as a new IP, or hell, a new cod game if they are just going to dumb it down for people who have no taste or skill.
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    Vent: Doom 4 multiplayer may have loadouts for some modes

    Join the club. Same thing happened to Halo and it was as shit as everyone thought it would be. Abandon all hope, and just try to accept that a with a developer that thinks that was a good idea, the game had little hope to begin with. It was always just modern-fps #5377 with doom Slapped on the...
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    How Do You Type?

    I type with one or two fingers on my left hand, pointer mostly, with my middle finger tapping in rarely, and three on my right including the thumb. No rhyme or reason to what fingers I use for each button. Sometimes the middle finger on my right hand just wants to punch in a H, while others its...
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    Poll: Skyrim: Empire or Stormcloaks?

    I work for the stormcloaks because I'm happy to watch the country burn if it means getting back at the bastards who tried to kill me. Which is also why I like the criminal organisations in TES. I feel like I'm a problem for the idiots in power.
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    Poll: Where do you end an internet conversation?

    If they just repeat the same thing for a while I'm happy ignoring them and letting them be wrong. If you've ever tried posting on Reddit you would understand that this is the only way to deal with things. Disagreeing with the OP simply makes you wrong, regardless of evidence, common sense or...
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    Sword Art Online... I mean, c'mon. Really?

    I liked it for the HUD and cool fights. If they took out the harem stuff, almost all the dialogue, yui and just focused more on the game and guild interactions I would have liked it more. It just goes to show, girls truly ruin everything. Kidding, kidding.