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    My sister is pregnant!

    Hey congrats! Being aunt/uncle is great, I have five nieces and nephews, and I'm honorary aunt to three more. But they're all way past being babies/toddlers now (three of them are over 17!) and I miss that stage a bit... I'm feeling very broody, lol. STOP IT OVARIES I'M NOT LISTENING. Like...
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    Poll: Do you use a 12 or 24 hour clock?

    I'm Swedish, so 24-hour? I mean, I KNOW both of course, and most wall clocks are 12-hour ones. But when you make appointments, check tv listings, etc, most is written in 24-hour mode. If someone asks you the time you reply with the 12-hour clock, although I have to double check and ask if...
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    What 'Class' Do You Naturally Tend To Play In Games?

    I don't really play MMOs, but in single-player 3rd person fantasy RPGs I gravitate to the DPS/melee/roguey type character, although I like playing tanks too. I'm absolute crap at playing mages. I just want to wade in there and smack the crap out of the enemy, not hang out in the back and...
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    How Clean Is Your House/Apartment/Dorm Room? (Single Guys And Gals)

    So messy. SO. MESSY. And I have no job to excuse it. I'm home all day and it still looks like the nascent nest of a hoarder. With cats. ... Yeah. Thank the gods I have someone come in once a week to help me clean and book laundry times or I'd probably be found half-eaten under a huge pile...
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    Who is the best fictional swordsman of all time?

    Fistbump! Meh, I never liked him much so Kenshin wins in my book! =P
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    Who is the best fictional swordsman of all time?

    No one has mentioned Himura Kenshin. I am disappoint son. Rurouni Kenshin is one of my favourite mangas (anime was a bit meh) and I haven't read any Beserk or et al, so yeah Kenshin get's my vote.
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    I Need Podcast Recommendations

    I second Podquisition. I love it, and Laura is hilarious. That's the only game oriented podcast I listen to at the moment, but if you like fantasy and science fiction books there is Geek's Guide to the Galaxy that has a HUGE backlog of interviews with authors and stuff. It's not humorous per...
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    "The Oregon Trail" in other countries.

    Swede here. I remember playing Oregon Trail when I was a kid, but I'm unsure if it was cos my brother had a copy or if it was in school. Probably school; I went to an English speaking class from grade 4-6 and we had all kinds of educational computer games in English. Don't know if there are/were...
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    What's Your Current Desktop Background?

    I used to have mine rotating but now I just have this cos I think it's pretty. I rarely have anything game/anime/movie/show related as a background nowadays; I prefer nature pictures or abstract stuff.
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    What are you wearing?

    A 15 year old tee with massive holes in it and old track bottoms. I.e. my pyjamas. #Sexy
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    Poll: Does anyone (feminist, gamer, SJW, atheist) really find Fedoras attractive/cool?

    I used to love trilbies and fedoras, but as most of the feminists I know and/or follow on twitter are constantly mocking men who wear them as self-ascribed Nice GuysYou know the type, yeah? "Why won't she shag me? I'm a nice guy! I opened doors for her and stuff. That guy she is shagging is a...
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    What is the BEST Final Fantasu?

    XI was the first FF game I played and thus it's my favourite. And it's beautiful; did you know there is almost no copy-paste art in it? Storywise I think VI wins though. I enjoyed X's gameplay and SOME of the music. I actually enjoyed XII but I will agree that it's got too much stuff to do; I...
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    I just lost my mother to lung-cancer...

    I am so, so sorry for your loss. I lost my mother to cancer too, although thankfully (in a way) I was too young for it to impact me personally. Everyone else's sense of loss - and their actions because of it - affected me more. I can't imagine loosing a beloved parent like you describe. Much...
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    Your odd uses of sauce/cheese/spreads/seasoning

    It's pretty common in Sweden I think, but I like to put béarnaise sauce on my pizzas which my American friend thinks is disgusting. Regardless of flavour pizza. IT'S THE NOMS. Anyway, she shouldn't talk; her son likes to put caviar (this kind) and peanut butter on the same sandwich. She gave...
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    When did you realize you were a shipper?

    Always. ALWAYS. No shame! OK, a little shame... I've shipped canon relationships: Ranma/Akane Jonny Quest/Jessie Bannon Buffy/Spike (shutupitisSOcanon) Claire/Marten (from Questionable Content) Kenshin/Kaoru Odo/Kira Trip/T'Pol (so... ANGRY!) and non-canon relationships: Dr...