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    Fan Cuts The Hobbit Trilogy Into a Single, Four-Hour Movie

    Its complicated in relation to anime fan subs. For instance, its not (AFAIK) illegal to distribute the subs themselves but it is illegal to distribute the anime (provided that it hasn't been licensed for release in the area being distributed to). Think of it like Rifftrax, where they are free...
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    No Right Answer: Best/Worst Anime Ever

    Most overrated? I believe that you may want to take a look at the Evangelion fanbase. At least the DBZ fanbase admits the show is terrible.
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    Sleeping Dogs Sequel: Triad Wars, is Free-to-Play, PC Only

    you done goofed. Why, of all things to turn it into, turn it into a free to play MMO? I mean, it actually makes no sense to turn a story driven GTA clone into something like this, especially after all the failed projects just like this one that have happened in the past few years.
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    Google Europe to End Calling Microtransaction Titles "Free"

    Yes they're technically free, but they aren't free in spirit. What Google is doing is separating games that aim to take money directly from users and games that make their money from advertising/are actually completely free and even without ads.
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    Google's VR Headset is Literally Made of Cardboard

    Honestly this sounds kind of interesting as a way to create a disposable headset for, say, conventions and such. They pass these out, folded up, to all the people in the audience with instructions to download a certain app then during a presentation they tell them to go onto the app and put...
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    Feed Dump: Teenagers Too Stupid to Steal Car

    Most regular town cars in NA are automatic because A: Convenience, B: easy to learn, and C: less chance of someone to fuck up a gear change and stop in the middle of the road. A lot of the bigger machines such as farm tractors, semis, and some larger trucks use manual due to them being used in...
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    Feed Dump: Teenagers Too Stupid to Steal Car

    My 11th grade English teacher tried to ban negative feedback on the units she chose to teach. It ended with everyone in class giving negative feedback. Nothing incites negative feedback like banning it.
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    First Person Cat Simulator Catlateral Damage Kickstarter Begins

    Fun fact: This game was in development a fair bit before Goat Simulator became a thing.
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    First Person Cat Simulator Catlateral Damage Kickstarter Begins

    It is probably the best type of game related kickstarter, one that already has a game that could technically be released but with more money could be so much better. Its money for polish and content. The game itself is niche as hell so even if you don't understand why this is a thing, others...
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    Jimquisition: Diversity? LIEversity!

    If I was in charge of a game I would purposefully mislead and trap people into thinking all player characters were male through the use of clothing and, if and when they take the bait, I'd spring the trap by posting screen after screen of this female protagonist posing in her masculine clothing...
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    World of Warships Preview - Fights on the Mighty Seas

    Now THIS is something I'm excited about. World of tanks is fun, warplanes is eh to terrible (but only because there is just better things out there), but Warships? This looks just too unique to pass over for at least a test. Hope they actually put out some footage though...
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    Legend of Korra: Book Three Trailer Released Early

    Fuck it, I'm hype. I've been following the Avatar series since it first came out and the Korra series was okay. It sated my desire for more Avatar, but didn't expand upon that desire. This trailer, however, made me damn hyped for this.
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    Gorgeous Cel-Shaded Indie RPG Nearing $100K On Kickstarter

    Wow. That really does look damn good. Always did love cell shaded games.
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    Far Cry 4 Creative Director Responds to Box Art Concerns of Racism

    To think the main character is the same as the character on that cover art means that you aren't very genre-savvy. I mean, he has all the makings of a complete bad guy: Hes sitting on a throne, he has weapons strewn all around him, he has what appears to be some man-slave or otherwise captive...
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    Poll: If you could, would you move to live in a different place or country?

    I'd probably move somewhere with better internet. I rarely ever get over 1 megabyte down here.