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    Choose a new voice actor for Destiny's Ghost

    Simon Templeman. The only correct answer. Sure, I guess Nolan North is good, and no one blamed Dinklage for his performance since the script is such a pile of dung, but this guy can make even that script enjoyable. Seriously, if he'd just say the same one word throughout the game, he'd still...
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    Back in my day, we bought games based on the back cover. (Nostalgia thread)

    A) Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos and the expansion pack The Frozen Throne. This was back when I played games a lot but wasn't part of the gaming community in any way, shape, or form. I didn't visit gaming related websites, I didn't follow gaming news, I didn't read gaming magazines, I didn't ever...
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    Visiting virtual stomping grounds, have you ever replayed a game because you miss a location?

    I fairly frequently replay Sci-Fi games of the "high-tech shiny far-future space-faring" variety because I absolutely adore the locales. Ilium, the Citadel, Noveria from Mass Effect, basically every location from Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Taris from KotOR, and so forth. Sure, I have plenty of...
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    Mouse woes OR Finding the perfect mouse!

    Approximately 99.99% of people on the internet hate Razer, claiming their products break very easily. You might be interested to know that approximately 99.99% of people on the internet are wrong. Go figure. Jokes aside, in my personal experience, Razer products are damn durable, and I've...
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    Do you play games you don't enjoy?

    I used to abandon games that I found boring, and if we are talking about a game I play in my free time, then I still do, but recently I began writing for a gaming website. I have a monthly feature where I play well liked and praised games that were released before I was born, then write an...
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    What 'Class' Do You Naturally Tend To Play In Games?

    Always, always, always the hooded stealthy thiefy dual-wieldy daggery sneaky backstabby ambushy assassiny (snipery if guns are involved) what-the-fuck-just-killed-me-y Rogue type.
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    Mega-Saturn Found 434 Light-Years From Earth

    How the hell did a home console get all the way out there... Oh, Mega Saturn. Nevermind. OT: Times like this I wish interstellar travel was a thing.
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    If you could only play one game for each letter of the alphabet...

    A) Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag B) Broken Sword : Shadow of the Templars (original, not director's cut) C) Crysis 3 D) Deus Ex : Human Revolution Director's Cut E) Elder Scrolls Anthology, the F) FTL G) Giants : Citizen Kabuto H) Hotline Miami I) Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing...
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    What's Your Current Desktop Background?

    On my previous laptop I had a few hundred game and tv-show related wallpapers shuffling every few seconds. On my current one I have this, since I recently got into SS2:
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    So, I just got hit by a van...

    Oh boy, I've broken so many bones (most of them multiple times) I'm surprised my skeleton didn't quit yet on the grounds of hostile work environment. Something must be up with me left leg as on two occasions from the many, my reaction to the break was laughing. This one time my brother pushed...
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    PEWPEW You're dead!

    Did they shut down the servers while I wasn't looking? :O Damn, the memories. I absolutely loved the multiplayer in that game.
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    My Name is *Word* Knight!!!!!

    Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones unless you count the painting as first, in which case the second one is from Demons/Dark Souls, can't recall which.
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    My Name is *Word* Knight!!!!!

    Starry... Oops, wrong kind of knight... Uhh, the Onion Knight, I guess? Like, you know, all fucking three of them.
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    Poll: "The game gets better later on"

    Well, I used to toss a game if it didn't get good within the first few hours, but then The Witcher happened. When I started playing, I wasn't having any fun at all, I didn't understand the combat, and found the world boring. By the time I finished, I was a full-fledged fanboy. Ever since...
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    What would you do if every videogame franchise just ended?

    Being one of those quaint people who still loves the Assassin's Creed franchise (bite me), I'd be mighty sad. Not to mention TES, the Witcher, the Blizz stuff, Deus Ex, Mass Effect, etc, etc. Sure, many franchises have a tendency to run themselves into the ground, but there a a few ones I...