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    Shadowrun: Hong Kong cRPG Tears Through Kickstarter Goal In Hours

    This is the first one I've backed. And SRR was what introduced me to the RGP as a whole. Still don't have a group to play it with mind, but I'm coming closer to convincing a few mates to give it a try. Quite excited to see another campaign from these guys!
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    Constantine Gets Very Dark, But Not Quite Dark Enough

    The episode was good. I like that it's gotten a more Hellblazery feel than the New 52 comic does. And I like the fact that he does the scheming backstabbing bit. And I do think that Constantine as a character has some compassion. Sure, he hides from it, sure, he suppresses the guilt, But what...
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    Feed Dump: Juggalo, Jury and Executioner

    HELL YES I thought of the Thunderdome! I was going to write something about it being the teachers probable inspiration! And as for the Juggalo courts, I can imagine that almost literally turning into a pre-apocalyptic thunderdome... With a Clown Theme. So, everyone is sat in a circus tent...
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    Poll: Describe what you do in an average day in your life in 10-20 steps

    1 Wake up and swear at alarm clock 2 Shower/hygieney stuff 3 Leave house 4 Spend 90 mins on 2 buses and a train 5 Work 8-9 hours, lunch ate at desk while working 6 Repeat step 4 with a book to read 7 Get home 8 put on jeans 9 get food 10 cook dinner 11 Spend time with flatmates 12 Get...
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    Do you think the (online) gaming community is more toxic and hostile now than it was in the past?

    I have always preferred LAN to Online gaming (Except for the odd foray into DDO). Last time I played CS Source, (2009) everyone was an utter jerk, and I didn't bother playing again. don't remember the time I played Online before that, and haven't really done it since.
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    Constantine Will Not Be Allowed to Smoke on TV

    I think it's the bit where he cures it by tricking the devil and his brothers by selling his soul to everyone that they might not want to promote... Hey kids- Wanna cure cancer? Just holler up the devil and his homeboys! They'll fix you up! Though in seriousness, that first time he flips the...
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    The Exorcism in Indiana - What in the Hell Happened?

    Can I second this motion? Fantastic idea. I like the idea of a category dedicated to this kinda stuff. It would be like a new horror story every day before bed! (spooky dreams!) Captia: Only way to be sure
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    What game has kept you up the longest?

    Yeah, pretty much the same. You go one more turn, and then you realise that it's almost time for a shower and to go to work! heheh!! Still, one of the best series of games ever, and if something is going to steal my sleep, I don't think there's anything else I'd rather it be!
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    Game of Thrones: What am I missing out on?

    It's basically softcore with political intrigue, some knights with some horsies and a whole lot of boring in the middle. Some of the characters are memorable, some of them you actually root for and want to win but honestly, by the middle of the current series, it was beginning to get a bit...
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    NBC's Constantine Trailer: Electroshock, Exorcism, Astra? Magic!

    Hi guys, I just realised (about a week later... bite me) that the trailer looks a bit like it could potentially be the Red Sepulchre storyline. it's one I haven't read, but the reviews on Amazon make it sound like a good entry point for the series. And it would explain potential side kickage...
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    NBC's Constantine Trailer: Electroshock, Exorcism, Astra? Magic!

    Honestly, I was just grateful that it looked more Hellblazery than it sounded at first announcement. I will watch the pilot and a couple of episodes. Hopefully it's not shambolic.
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    Lucasfilm Makes It Official: Star Wars: Expanded Universe Is Dead

    If we're very good, Darth Micky might bring him to life in some form or other... *Starts praying* I hope that B*stard mouse does. Because let's face it, once they nerfed Boba, who else could fill the gap of coolest character.
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    Pivotal games from your gaming experience

    UFO Enemy Unknown- The first game I ever owned. Civ 2- The second. These 2 games have honestly helped to shape my life. Almost everything about my love of politics, planning, strategy, management and even down to the type of games and board games I play is probably because I spent way too...
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    XCOM: Enemy Unknown Will Arrive on Android "Soon" - Update

    This... Is.... AWESOME!!!!!!! I have been hoping, and praying for this since the ios version was announced! Thank you cthulhu! EDIT: A tenner? SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY! 2nd Edit: Not compatible with my Nexus 7? Bah. Humbug.
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    Fox Will Reboot Flash Gordon

    If no Brian Blessed, then my money is staying right here in my lunchbox.