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    I love my boyfriend even though he's such a sleepy bear :)
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    Poll: Which squickier loli/shota or guro?

    This is like asking if one would rather drink acid or perform seppuku while listening to justin beiber. No. I would not fap to either one of those things, thank you very much for asking.
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    Escapists who live in lower income areas, what is the craziest thing you've witnessed?

    I didn't mean that there isn't discrimination. I'm just saying there are OTHER factors to be considered. Also, I don't mean to say that being transgender is a sexuality, but maybe I worded things wrong since English is not my native language.
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    Escapists who live in lower income areas, what is the craziest thing you've witnessed?

    I've always wondered how much it is society though. Not that there isn't discrimination. There is. But Johnny lives in the same country as I do and here people are pretty progressive about sexuality (considering it's a latin american country. I mean we've had gay marriage for quite a while now...
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    Fat Shaming.

    It's pretty horrible but it does make me wonder why these people got together and decided it was a good idea and just how much free time they must have to waste on such a stupid move. (Edit: I quoted someone by mistake so I've edited this post. Sorry!)
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    Who are some of your favourite Youtube cats?

    I love Cole & Marmalade! Both are great lovely cats and their owners are awesome. Plus the channel really encourages people to adopt black cats since they too deserve owners that love them. As a black cat owner myself, I am particularly fond of the channel.
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    What do you think of alcohol flasks?

    I own one! But it was a gift and it's only there for decoration. Since I don't drink that much I wouldn't know if it's cool or accepted. It does look like the trait of an alcoholic though.
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    Poll: Do you have tits?

    I'm a girl so I have boobs, yes. It's a requirement.
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    Pacific Rim 2 delayed indefinitely.

    Well, ain't that sad. I was really expecting the sequel for Pacific Rim and it's super disappointing that it won't see the light of day.
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    Should offensive opinions be censored from discussion?

    Well, there have been cases from the ECHR and the IACHR (I don't remember the names, but if you wanna I can get back to you on that) that state that unless you're promoting 'hate speech' (as in "let's kill all X") you can't censor opinions prior to being released to the general public. From the...
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    Should offensive opinions be censored from discussion?

    From a purely objective, even legal point of view I would say no. No, you can't and shouldn't supress opinions just because they can (or are) offensive (freedom of speech yo!) That being said, from my own perspective the world does not exist for you not to get offended. Not getting offended by...
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    So what's the story behind YOUR avatar pic?

    I like pandas. There is no story behind it, just my fondness towards pandas. The santa hat is because two years ago or so Christmas came by and I decided to change my avatar to make it more seasonable but then never cared enough to change it back.
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    Does Your First Anime Still Hold Up?

    Errr... one of my first (memorable) animes was Yu Yu Hakusho, which I enjoyed a lot but I'm not sure if it still holds up. Probably not. Then there was Rurouni Kenshin, which I think still holds up but haven't re-watched so I wouldn't really know for certain. Appart from that I can say with...
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    The Ultimate Personality Quiz!

    At the bottom of the test it reads: "Created by The Surrealist for the 1st of April 2005" Good one OP, good one.
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    lock thread please

    This so much! You can't even imagine just how many times a friend of mine has told me her best friend is cheating on her significant other with plenty of men even married men and she's always shrugging it off as "oh, well" Are you serious? I always feel enraged when she tells me because I know...