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    The Escapist Redesign

    Way too bright. The front page looks like a complete mess. That exploded. Yeah, not a fan at all.
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    Skyrim Patch 1.3 Fixes Dragons, Buffs, Books

    General stability improvements Yet if I run it through steam it still crashes like nobody's business.
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    Unresponsive Dedicated Graphics Card

    Each end is supposed to take up one slot, the point is you need two slots so you can attach both white ends of that wire. As you can see there part that goes into your graphics card has 6 pins, and the white molex connections use 3 pins each. If only one of them is plugged in your card will not...
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    'Generic' Graphics Cards?

    That just means there's no big name third party manufacturer involved. A generic graphics card is the AMD reference model, so no fancy cooling, just the standard model AMD came up with for this chip. They're cheaper because there's no brand name attached, they're made by smaller companies but...
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    To all you tech savvy folks: I need help troubleshooting my graphics card/game graphics.

    In addition to the aforementioned cooling pad, get yourself a can of compressed air and clean out your laptop. The overheating might just be due to dust building up over time. Also download GPU-Z or something similar and monitor the clock speed and temperatures of your graphics card while...
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    Unresponsive Dedicated Graphics Card

    Did you plug both white ends into your PSU? If you only plugged in one of them it won't work as it can only get 50% of the power it needs. By monitor not powering on, do you mean that literally or does it power on but doesn't get a signal? Anything going on in the pc really shouldn't be...
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    I Am Alive Producer Dismisses "Bitching" PC Gamers

    This just in: PC gamers dismiss bitching Ubisoft employees. Congratulations Ubisoft, you will never see another cent from me. I wish I could unbuy HoMM6 now, I feel bad about having given them money.
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    Unresponsive Dedicated Graphics Card

    L-shaped sounds like SATA ports, your GPU has no business connecting to those. Do they look like this? What your card needs is one of these babies: If you can't find one of those on your PSU (which would be odd, but it might just be tucked away) you can use a molex to pcie connector...
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    Unresponsive Dedicated Graphics Card

    What does this spot look like? Is it something on the motherboard or a cable coming from your power supply? If the wire is what I think it is, it should be the latter, and the reason it doesn't reach the PSU cable would be that the PSU cables are tied to the case for cable management as these...
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    Skyrim hit list

    Every single child that thinks it's a good idea to have a big mouth to an evil looking Dunmer. Nords seem to be terrible at raising their children to be polite, or at least never talk to strangers carrying the mace of Molag Bal. Thank the Nine for mods that allow me to beat some politeness into...
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    Problems with a Medion Computer

    By "swapping the RAM, diffrent socket" do you mean you used the same sticks but just in different sockets in this pc, or have you tried this RAM in a different pc/tried different RAM in this pc? If it's the former, the memory might be buggered. Are all boot options correct? I had a weird error...
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    Need help choosing the right gaming pc

    I'd go for the first simply because a 2500K is the best CPU for gaming at the moment. The mention of purple LEDs made me throw up in my mouth a little though. If you want to go the AMD route (which I'm guessing is cheaper, though the included SSD might even things out) do NOT get the 8120...
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    Does anyone care about HOMM 6?

    I got the collector's edition. I love it, but then Skyrim came along so it joined Deus Ex: Human Revolution in the "to be continued when I've had enough of Skyrim" pile. My only dislike is that it has always online DRM and every so often my connection fucks up. For some reason this always...
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    Adorable 3 Year-Old Experiences Harsh Justice in Skyrim

    I laughed a lot harder than I should. That was adorable. Let's just hope she doesn't think she's immune to swording and such when she tries to sword one of the kids.
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    Graphics Card Advice

    1) Only if you're gaming in very high res on multiple monitors. 2) Overclocking a card can make a noticeable difference, but you can get better results yourself for free with literally 4 mouse clicks. Paying for factory overclocked cards is rather silly. 3) You'll need to disable integrated...