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    Senua's Sacrifice

    I'm looking forward to this game its got a lot of varied things I'm interested in. I do however like her old look better her new face makes her look to innocent but I'm trying to look at it as it makes her more human like not everyone looks their age or their face don't fit their actual jobs for...
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    Horizon Zero Dawn and accusations of SJW pandering: What is true, and what isn't.

    She does have a quark she isn't very up on social interactions like when a character is basically hitting on her she wants it spelled out or in other conversations her being given thanks is off putting to her. She's awkward towards curtain responses. More over w/o spoilers when she gets a...
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    Mass Effect 4 Details Possibly Leaked

    You know the whole build your colony angle by helping people do things sounds exactly like a fan post on the BW forums we were all just toying with the idea of what 3 would/could be like. This was a popular idea for a home base arrangement. It doesn't sound that interesting to play Columbus...
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    Deus Ex: Mankind Divided (I asked for this)

    I'm glad they're making this sequel at least one of my 10 games that need them is getting one! But I'm just worried how exciting will the end product be considering how HR's trailers made it cooler then we received while its still a good game and its got a nice premise behind it they did hype it...
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    Dying Light's new patch remove element of real world violence against women. (spoilers)

    Well that was dumb to remove it, I was wondering how she got that burn and miss the text, so they're ok with me bludgeoning and kicking to death a fem zombie but not actually getting a questioned answered? Both have context which is what many women gamers want context for why we're blowing crap...
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    "Illusions" That You Would Like Dispelled For the Good of Gaming

    Blacks and hispanics are more of a demographic then whites I believe the study said they also logged more hours playtime as far as racial divides of players. Maybe if I can dig that study up I'll post it.
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    Dying Light: Mirror's Island Rising.

    Character choice should've been an option he's a generic hero, mechanics perform pretty well, however the villain starts broaching Kai Lang stupidity by the end which was a waste, I do have other issues with the game but its characters, their relationships, and plot holes that would be spoilers...
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    "Illusions" That You Would Like Dispelled For the Good of Gaming

    How many puzzle games were there? Funny how my collection has many games that still employ the tactics including the xb1. I just got done playing a game where the girl I predicted existed for being A; a love interest or B a damsel, she got the B treatment just when I thought the game might...
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    "Illusions" That You Would Like Dispelled For the Good of Gaming

    That being male and having nudity is the only way to sell a game by excluding and degrading your customer base with the undertone theme of if you want to play our games here's what we think you're good for. Still the industry pretending its young children and men only who buy their products...
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    Yes, Women in Dragon Age Could Use Longswords

    I find it sad you needed to write this article that there is actually an argument that says cuz girl = no can do in a game. Women play the games yet are excluded from them at the sametime told only a man can do this cuz creators said so which is bull, its basically the designers can't envision...
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    Am I likely to enjoy Mass Effect 2?

    ME2 is the ditch the narrative fell into and 3's the attempt to dig it out. Really as far as reaper knowledge and finding away to actually stop them you end up in the same area you started metaphorically which is nowhere. Only 2 good things really came out of that game you get to romance team...
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    The Witcher 3's Sex Scenes Came From 16 Hours of Mo-Cap Data - Update

    Pretty much this, I was joking when I said the game keeps getting delayed for lesbomancy sex scenes, ironically thats probably exactly why its been pushed back yet again, of all the things to come out with this "news" is something I think they shouldn't have stated why not focus more on witching...
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    Poll: When do you purchase your game?

    I grew up buying them onsale but lately I have more pre-orders outdoing my on sale purchases,lately its been preorder, post launch but barley on discount, and sale
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    The Escapist's Game Release Date Calendar: The End!

    Crap, I'm not going to get witcher till 2016 at this rate....
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    Annoying issue with Dragon Age: Inquisition

    Unfortunately no, I had to upgrade my TV to a 32inch HD to see it and while that fixed most issues there is still some illegible bits like the little box text in the upper right hand corner that says things like, " Talk to so and so" I can't read it at all. I didn't actually upgrade my TV for...