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    Mortal Engines

    Oh. Yeah they definitely aren't doing that, which is a shame. Just like Tyrion Lannister
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    Poll: Does the classification of "Geek" mean anything any more? Bonus Question: Do you resemble a "Geek"?

    I don't think it ever really meant anything in that it meant so many things to so many different people that no one would have a common understanding if the word was used.
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    What is...or what makes an 'Alpha 2.0' existence?

    I'm no biologist but aren't there examples of "alpha" males in other species, like Gorillas, lions etc?
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    Beyond Good & Evil 2 Shown Off at Ubisoft's E3 Presser

    Ugh, ok. So a few points. 1) Are we really still doing cinematic only trailers for games? 2) Cinematic only trailers for Beyond Good and Evil 2 not going anywhere is becoming a tradition. 3) Who let Die Antwoord write for Beyond Good and Evil 2?
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    So are rednecks/religious people the new boogeymen now?

    I've always felt that was more of a race thing than a religious one. For most games it's not about the default enemies being Muslim but rather being from the middle east.
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    ME: Andromeda: A Postmortem

    I don't buy it. Watching this video [] there's just so many minor details in Andromeda that aren't in ME1. Admittedly that likely has more to do with technology than skill, but people aren't saying ME1 was better for it's time, but...
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    ME: Andromeda: A Postmortem

    The first Mass effect perhaps, I'm still not convinced about the other two.
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    ME: Andromeda: A Postmortem

    Not only that but hating on it became a meme in and of itself to the point where it often wasn't even about the games quality. And to be fair a lot of the "criticisms" were exaggerated for comic effect. I mean the animations aren't great but if you tell me that they were worse than ME1 (as...
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    Report: Mass Effect Put on Indefinite Hold

    The problem I've found is that the vast majority of people don't truly understand the difference between objective and subjective arguments, or at the very least are not good adequately expressing the argument as such.
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    So that whole "female main characters don't sell" bullshit

    While certainly not bad by any stretch of the imagination I would personally hold off on "well" until it starts returning a significant profit. When it gets to 3.5 - 4.5 million I would say it's doing well.
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    So that whole "female main characters don't sell" bullshit

    Very true. Maybe. According to this article [] The Tombraider reboot cost roughly $100 million USD and required 5-6 million sales just to break even. According to this...
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    So that whole "female main characters don't sell" bullshit

    I'm going to mimic tippy2k2 for a bit in that I've never heard anyone say that directly, it's always been 2nd or 3rd hand quotes, usually from developers about publishers. But for the sake of argument I'll assume that is what's said. Then it all depends on how they/we define "well". Sales...
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    So that whole "female main characters don't sell" bullshit

    Not really. A game can do well despite it's flaws, but that doesn't mean the flaws didn't have an effect on the sales.
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    Roger The Kangaroo Cut From Tekken 7 Due to Animal Activist Fears

    I thought you said that when women were put into games, or have their appearance altered, in response to outrage? Regardless those who are in a position to have faith in the game, the developers, generally aren't the ones making these decisions, and the ones who make these decisions don't...
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    Fuck The Witcher 1. Seriously. (rant)

    Enjoyment of the first Witcher game is directly proportional to how much one was willing to put up with to get what was uncommon among games at the time of its release.