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    Wizards of the Coast Files Copyright Lawsuit Against Crypotozoic's HEX MMO

    Why did they wait nearly a year later, well I say year because the kickstarter campaign ended on June 7, 2013, is there something I am missing that is right in my face?
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    What video game soundtrack are you listining to right now?

    I have a few video game songs that I am addicted to:
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    Steam Greenlights 15 More Games

    Really happy that the 7th Guest got green lit, it was one of the first computer games to be on a CD so while the graphics/character acting may not be the best in the world, actually it is funnier now then anything, but the music is still really good and so are the puzzles.
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    The worst and most pointless weapon in any game.

    The Rubber Chicken from Runescape back in 2006 or 2007 I believe was when the rubber chicken came out on an Easter event. It was fun to use in duels because you would EVENTUALLY do 1 damage after like 15 '0s'.
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    Any game soundtracks you regularly listen to?

    Silent Hill 3 Radiata Stories Final Fantasy 8 Final Fantasy XIII Grandia 3 The 7th Guest Starcraft
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    Opinions on Defiance?

    The game is a lot of fun if you give it a chance. So far I have not seen a "Kill X and return" I was in 2 PC betas and the PS3 beta and the missions are more "Go to this area to interact with this object while a lot of enemies attack you" or some ask you to defend NPCs. While you are...
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    Trailers: Star Trek: The Videogame - Shatner vs. Gorn Trailer

    I think the game has other enemies but the Gorn have been highlighted a few times, I am looking forward to this game even IF it is a video game based off of a movie.
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    Terraria Coming to Consoles Next Week

    You CAN build things but keep in mind that it will be in a 2D perspective.
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    How long did your PS3 live or has been alive?

    Only had mine for 3 years, 4 this summer, and I have to say it runs just as well as the day I got it. I do have the rare times where the console freezes and I had to replace the hard drive because it was getting full.
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    The 7th Guest Is Coming Back

    If you buy both games from they SHOULD include the midi files from both games, just something to think about because I did try to download the music from other sites and the music sounded off from what I remember.
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    Missed Our Live Stream? Watch the 6-Hour Replay Right Now!

    Sorry for another question but other then this stream did you or anyone else play another character? I am curious how casters play in this game. I am sure they play like typical casters in MMOs but I was curious if they were fun or anything like that. If you didn't then that is okay. It was a...
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    What are your games you gush over, but you can't find anyone else that does?

    Ni No Kuni: I gush SO HARD over this game, I gushed when new videos came out from Level 5 and I gushed when I heard the music and I gushed at the Wizard Edition. Everything about this game makes me feel so happy inside. The combat is not as good and the grind can get annoying at times but the...
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    Missed Our Live Stream? Watch the 6-Hour Replay Right Now!

    Will we expect a review of the streamer's experience in the beta so far or is there a NDA permitting that? I am not 100% used to the NDAs in games so I do not know if there is a separate NDA for recording/streaming vs writing a review of the beta.
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    Favorite Board Games?

    I have this weird fascination with Life and I have no idea why.
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    How strict were your parents on what you could watch when you were growing up?

    My parents were pretty strict, I could not watch South Park at my house, had to watch them at a friends, but the Simpsons were okay. There were rarely any horror movies I could watch either.