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    Darth Maul Alive

    Wasn't there a comic book that already did this?
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    Grumpy Pundit: Men Play Too Many Dang Videogames

    I'm 18. The reason I don't have a job is because there aren't any around where I live. I've looked into applying at like 30 different places in the last month, and only 2 have accepted any sort of applications, and then only one of those has actually got back to me about anything. I wonder what...
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    Poll: How many on the Escapist dislike anime?

    I don't really like it or dislike it, as it's something I've never really looked into. The closest I've got to seeing a full anime is a couple of episodes of Pokemon, Digimon and Yu-gi-oh I saw as a kid and, more recently, the first episode of Cowboy Bebop.
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    Poll: Who WEARS wrist watches anymore?

    It's a rare day if I go out without a watch. Personally, I find it much more conveniant than using my phone or something, as I can just lift my arm and, hey presto, the time.
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    Parents Fight To Use Dead Son?s Sperm To Create Posthumous Grandchild

    It's quite creepy, especially seeing as he wasn't in a relationship. But I suppose, if they can find a woman who'd be willing to do it, and they can raise the child well enough, then it's their decision.
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    Poll: Do people still read comic books?

    I do, but pretty much exclusively in the trade paperbacks. Where I live (England), there are very few, if any, specialist comic book shops, but most bookshops seem to have sections for trades, so that's what I get.
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    Poll: If you were forced, would you cut off a man's arm or leg?

    Leg. He can get any sort of solid... something to use as a replacement leg, and he could get a cane if he really needs it. Basically, it's easier to replace a leg, so that's what he's loosing.
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    Poll: Are you skinny, fat, or fit?

    I thought I was kinda fat (not too much, but just slightly flabby), but according to my girlfriend, I'm fairly muscular. But to be honest, I wish I was more muscular, even if it was only slightly.
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    Getting Braces - What to expect?

    Was it really that bad for you? My braces only hurt for like the first week of having them, then only a day or so every time the wire was changed. I thought it was like that for everyone. :S
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    When was your first kiss, guys?(guys only, please)

    17. It was just over 2 months ago, with my beautiful and amazing girlfriend. :)
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    Poll: Are you happy with your social life?

    It's pretty awesome right now. I've got some good friends, and an awesome girlfriend. Life be good, yo.
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    Poll: InterRacial Dating

    I'm white, and so is my girlfriend, but if she was still "her" on the inside, it really wouldn't matter if she had a different skin colour.
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    Cancel a TV show and renew another

    Goodbye Eastenders, hello Septacular Spider-man season 3. Marvel, why did you have to cancel that show? It was the best Spider-man TV show ever! Why cancel it?!
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    Poll: Would you time-travel and kill Hitler?

    No. If I go back and kill Hitler, and he dies and is never heard of in the present, then I wouldn't have a reason to go back. And if I don't have a reason to go back and kill him, then he won't die, and events won't change. So either way he wouldn't die, and it'd be a waste of a trip.
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    Could you amputate your own arm?

    It kinda depends on what arm. Left arm, sure it'd be harder to carry big boxes and it'd hurt like hell, but I reckon I could do it. Right arm though? It might sound rediculous, but I don't wanna learn to do stuff all over again with my left arm.