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    SWAT Raids Yet Another Livestreaming Counter-Strike Player

    "I'm going to potentially risk someone's life/safety and possibly have them thrown in jail for something, LOL, I'm so funny! People are going to respect me and defend me online!" lolnope
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    Girls on Games Tells Women's Tabletop Industry Stories

    Same here. I saw that and immediately thought, "are they trying to break stereotypes or enforce them?" As tiny as it may be, it seems pretty dumb to me. OT: This could either be something relatively interesting, or it could be something not worth talking about. I'll see how it turns out. If...
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    You wake up in 1991

    I know I'd show up to all the sick death metal gigs they had back then. Deicide, Carcass, Sepultura, At The Gates... ahhhh. Honestly though, I'm not sure. There'd be stuff to do, but it's alot different today in terms of technology and the like. I'd certainly buy the game consoles of the time...
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    Tumblr Convention "Disaster" Unfolds at Illinois' DashCon

    Not surprised, all I've ever gotten from Tumblr is that it is filled with whiny, incompetent teenagers who hate men. Frankly, it's fucking hilarious to see this happen - just goes to show that Tumblr is the most insanely inept group of individuals on the internet. I mean fuck, they couldn't raid...
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    "How to find a girlfriend" - Some myths debunked

    Ah, that makes much more sense. Thanks for clarifying, I understand now :) That's so sad. I feel ya man, I really do. Personally, I don't care too much about looks, but I know other people do and it's so bullshit.
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    "How to find a girlfriend" - Some myths debunked

    *puts hand up* Uhhh, hey, isn't telling someone to not seek love a double binding? For some wouldn't that just cause a desire to not seek it? As someone who is isn't exactly knowledgeable of relationships, I search for love in alot of ways, but how does one stop seeking love? If you are...
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    Little Tid-Bits of Youtube That Made You Smile

    I saw this recently and it made me grin in the "what the hell am I even watching" sort of way. The videos made on this account are just so strange that they honestly seem hypnotizing.
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    Regret Regret Regret...

    See, I have this problem with being resilient. Is in, I'm not very resilient. At all. In the last couple of months I've been working to improve on that, and for about 3-4 weeks I was doing pretty well, but it seems that things will always get to me in the end and I end up really frustrated with...
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    Criticisms of video games you are tired of hearing

    Yup, this the whole way. The Half-Life games were really quite linear at the end of the day and nobody complained. Reason being; you had enough room to breathe and explore through the interesting environments and the gameplay complimented that. Linear campaigns aren't bad as such, it's the...
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    Check Your Privilege!

    I got 65, which I sort of expected. However, I feel the quiz is arguably using some kinda dumb things as "privileges." Again, it's arguable. Overall though not, far off in my case. Had some tough scrapes in life but I live in a good country and never really questioned my sexuality (although I...
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    Cards Against Humanity Drops Box Supplier Over Tea Party Affiliation

    Not a huge deal in the scheme of things. That said, things worked out for the guy and it doesn't affect buyers of CAH so all power to him for choosing to be with a supplier that he's comfortable working with. For those crying "discrimination," I think you need to think about it from the guy's...
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    The Depressing Thread

    My whole family at the moment is in a bit of a tough spot. Just over half way through last year I was identified to have had severe depression since I was as young as eleven, the medication I've been taking for which isn't even taking the edge off, been having problems with paranoia and friends...
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    Five-Year Old Boy Exposes Xbox One Security Flaw

    What an inspiring quote. Seriously though, this is amazing on multiple levels. And frankly hilarious. One day he will become a game tester that will find ways to break any game before him, and thus have them fixed before release (hopefully). Capatcha: "High Five" Indeed, this kid deserves...
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    Masturbation is evil, sex is wrong, and you are gay: A facebook story.

    This reminds me of the "Christian Moms Against Slipknot" page I saw a while back. I want to say this is a troll page, but the fact people are using their own accounts makes it seem like that actually want to be associated with being against rubbing one out. Also, if you haven't seen the Moms...
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    How the hell do you know when you're being flirted with?

    Arguable, he'd probably say he's manly but he takes ballet lessons (Not that there's anything wrong with that) and everyone he's gone out with says he acts like a little girl. So yeah, probably. HAH! Nope. As a bisexual, he's pretty damn unattractive. To quote Yahtzee, I wouldn't touch him...