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    Misc: My Favorite Skyrim Mods So Far

    So... Let me get this straight. Turn down the brightness for realism. And then download a mod to make ore... glow. What?
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    Critical Miss: The Dragonslayer

    Ok, now that was genuinely funny. Good job, probably my favourite comic as of yet.
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    Poll: Should games have less voice acting.

    Absolutely not. Good voice acting is vital to immersion.
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    If you were to get a life-sized figurine of any fictional character...

    The ultimate guestroom decoration. Or just something to display on your front lawn.
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    Augment Your Wardrobe With Deux Ex Clothes

    Now if that coat would look anything like it does in the game, I would buy it. Now, it's just a coat.
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    What do you think the US will look like in 10 years?

    Self lacing boots. Self lacing boots as far as the eye can see...
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    So today i'm starting my diet...

    Oh yes, that wonderful pill. Using it, you can drop tens of kilos a month. Trully a wonderful thing. Except that, you know, it works, because it has a ringworm egg in it. Taking it gives you worms. Having worms makes you loose weight. Fast. I know that you will deny it, saying that it was...
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    Poll: You must spend a year locked in a room.

    I love how half of the people that posted here are trying to look cool, edgy and dark or whatever by saying that "I'd kill them within a month, hur hur." Unless by "killed" you mean "Sit awkwardly staring at him/her, because I have no social skills what so ever", noone is buying it, kid...
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    Oblivion is impossible!

    ...Which will do absolutelly no good, since Oblivion has the stupid level scaling system. The higher level you are, the tougher are your enemies. In other words, leveling up, developing your character is pointless. You can pretty much beat the game as a level 2 fighter with that kick ass...
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    Most Beautiful Video Game Location?

    The witcher 2 had some incredible moments. Especially the very beggining, where you participated in a huge siege, rolling in a siege tower across the desert, as arrows rain all around you.
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    What Do Your Badges Say About You?

    If they would actually say anything about me, then I wouldn't have to explain anything, now would I?
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    Poll: Magic the gathering. What color do you prefer?

    Ah yes, I too used to use this this stupidly overpowered combination.
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    What is your favorite/least favorite musical instrument?

    I love every single one of them.
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    Videogame Artist Gives Star Wars a Gorgeous Steampunk Re-Imagining

    I find the lack of Darth Vader disturbing.
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    Poll: Frostmourne vs. Sword of Aeons

    You sort of forgot to mention that the lich king pretty much speaks through the frostmourne, making the wielder succumb to his will/go insane. That's kind of a big deal.