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    Caesar Conquers Gaul in New Total War: Rome II Campaign Pack

    There is no point in getting any total war games aside from Rome / M2TW. I was an ardent admirer of CA until Empire happened. Shogun Total War - revolutionary new kind of game Medieval Total War - mostly same game, but redone in Medieval times, whoo! Rome Total War - a great evolution of an...
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    Undue Entitlement: A Growing Issue?

    Let me pitch in (formatted because ohmygodallthemwords) Compare with Fallout 3 situation. FO3 has bad ending -> fans demand a change -> Bethesda releases a change. [/spoiler]
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    delta-homes(dot)com problem...

    Thank you. Really. I was searching google, but the numerous sites were citing exactly same things with people commenting on how ineffective it is, while I was wary of installing _any_ program. Thank you.
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    delta-homes(dot)com problem...

    So, my browser(s) got hijacked by this piece of shit "delta-home(dot)com" It doesn't really do anything, it just changes the damn search engine and home-site to, you guessed it, their homepage. Now, I've tried using "Norton Power Remover" as well as "Microsoft Malicious Software Removal...
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    Robert Downey Jr. Stays On As Iron Man

    TBH if he did not, I would not watch MCU anymore :D He steals the movies. BUT WHY DID COULSON DIE :<
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    The steam summer sale.

    Well, Far Cry 3 I want definitely... I would pick all the Skyrim DLCs for 75% off or 50% at least :) I hope for Xenonauts being a little cheaper. I really hope for Xenonauts - it looks awesome. I'd buy Kerbal were it 50% off or something. Other games I want ain't gonna be discounted(Rome...
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    Help with filefront required

    Hi! As you may well know (or not), FileFront has banned some time back a bunch of countries... mine included. Whatever the reason, this leaves me deprived of my monthly dose of mods. Now, the mod I want is this The problem is, if I just "go" to the download site, it shows me either...
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    Battlefront 2 steam discount

    I thought that the authentication servers were gone. Thank you.
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    Battlefront 2 steam discount

    Official servers are gone but the online is still quite active. Plenty of dedicated servers running. You'll have no problem finding games.
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    Battlefront 2 steam discount

    Yea, I like PS2, it's just that I have never played Battlefront 2 online y'know. Besides, my PC that can handle planetside is dead, so I am playing the Settlers 2 now you know what i mean
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    Battlefront 2 steam discount

    And remember... it is so, so, so very old and creaky and ugly. You only live once. You don't have time to be playing ancient multiplayer shooters. And Planetside 2 is free and more current looking.
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    Battlefront 2 steam discount

    Hi, quick question - is Battlefront 2's multiplayer still alive? Steam is offering it up for ?3, so I am tempted but don't know if there's sense in buying it, as I have heard that multiplayer servers were taken offline some time in the past. If someone, preferably from Europe, could chip in...
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    Poll: do you think ME2 is to blame for most issues in ME3?

    IMO the biggest problem with ME3 is that they wanted to solve the whole Reaper War, the lasted for /CENTURIES/ in previous cycles, to quick can of whoopass. I hoped that ME3 would set us up for further sequels - with Shepard dead, possibly with a big dent in Reaper Fleet, next games would focus...
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    Poll: Did you enjoy Dishonored?

    It was pretty good, when I went on a rampage, with powers and shit. Then I tried stealth and it was boring in comparison. Finished the game only once.
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    Poll: So Valve broke HL1...

    I have no idea what's happening. I don't know what any of these acronyms mean...