BioWare Defends Mass Effect 3 Launch-Day DLC


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Jun 9, 2010
Zeel said:
This must be a joke. You're just going to quote me and slap a picture and go 'you have no idea' what you're talking about? it's a fucking picture dude, not the coming of the anti-christ. I don't get what it debunks. Was the dlc developed during the original budget, or wasn't it? Are you claiming otherwise?

Wait; I have the perfect counter argument:

You are my favourite person on this thread.

Referring to the original chart: But it's done by launch. It's already there. There's more work involved in making gated access than just unlocking the thing for everyone. You'd have to set up the little purchase doodad, and make sure only people with the special whoosiwhatsit can get the "YOU ARE ON MY TEEM NOW" conversation option. But if you put it all in straight away, you already know it'll work. That little red 'testing' line's already complete.

What I'm saying is that this is simply a feature which someone came up later in the dev cycle and completed before launch. Emphasis on completed. As in, done, "we're pretty damn sure it'll work fine," complete. And it has story significance. Will it completely change the ending of the game? Well, no. Duh. Most DLC doesn't change the ending of a game. But, and this is coming from a guy who's only familiarity is with what he's read on line and a let's play he follows, this is a creature of utter significance to the plot. It's the only reason Shepard was special in the first place- contact with the prothean artifact thingamajig. A room full of dead ones was a huge damn reveal in the original game. This is a creature whose species was advanced enough to control the entire galaxy- something no one else in the setting does, bar the Reapers (who really just show up to kill everyone). So they didn't build the tech- they still may have found alternative uses for it.

And they want to charge extra to have that along with you? I'd rather not.

/bitching about games I wasn't interested in

Steampunk Viking

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Jan 15, 2010
Zeel said:
You only get "dragged" into it because you come in these arguments go "Zeel is not going to listen!!!" and then you just stay indefinitely waiting for me to respond.
And you let him, it's hilarious.

On a seperate note, how do you exactly type with that straight jacket on?


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Jul 25, 2011
Ukomba said:
2. Because it costs money to create content, might as well ask why all dlc isn't free, or why you don't get the collector edition mechanical dog in the standard edition. While you're at it, complain to airlines that your coach ticket doesn't get you first class seats. e_e
Fair enough on the first point, but it's still part of the game. Some games have more content than others but they're all around the same price. Anyway, $10 is really disproportionate in the context of the rest of the game.


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Jun 9, 2010
Zeel said:
JamesStone said:
Zeel said:
Tzekelkan said:
What the fucking-entitlement-FUCK?

I just don't have any words. I expected a much more rational response to this well written and rational news post. Really? "Sheeple"? REALLY?

God dammit.
Zeel said:
Fuck that. Anyone who agrees with this practice is a brainwashed sheep with no independent thought.
No independent thought? Jesus fucking shit Christ of helldamnfuck. I'd say that not even reading the post and just mindlessly going with the crowd means not having independent thought. You seem to believe it means doing research, listening to the opinions of others, and then forming your own opinion, whichever it may end up being.

You'll probably react with a knee jerk and call me a brainwashed consumerist pig for daring to write this post, because you will have failed to notice that I haven't even yet given my opinion on this Day One DLC business for ME3.
Why the are you replying to a post about people who defend it, if you aren't one. What kind of loopy ass shit is that. If you haven't given your opinion on the DLC business. I AM NOT TALKING ABOUT YOU.

You again. Quite nice to see you in Mass Effect 3 forums for a chan... oh, wait. Anyway, I was starting to get worried when you didn't awnser negatively to the last ME3 thread post. So here we go again.

So, if someone argues against badly presented standpoints, they must clearly be, stand for or believe in the opposite side of the argument? Really?

OT: I still rather not make a comment. First, we´ll see if this Prothean appears in-game, and if the only thing that this DLC does is to make him a companion. If so, just extra content Bioware decided to create and hadn't the time to put in the original game. Totally acceptable. If not, and this Prothean is, in fact, a completely new character, people have all the right to get mad. In that case it wouldn't be entitlement, but only in that case.
All evidence points to the latter case. I'm not going to wait until its too late to change it. thank you very much.
Good, now we are getting somewhere. Now, just a question, a small technical issue, no big deal.

What evidence?


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Apr 24, 2011
Zeel said:
-A. False equivalence. Zaeed and Kasumi were some random human characters with little to add to the story. They weren't fucking protheans; with a plethora of knowledge about the reapers, the protheans and their extinction. The difference here is how important the characters are. Do you acknowledge that protheans are important to the overarching story? if So, you can not equate some merc and otaku ***** to the character.
-B. No one would care if the prothean character came free with the purchase of the game, like those two characters. It's almost insulting that EA game removes such lore essential content but if they put it back with a purchase, I wouldn't '*****'.. Not much atleast.
- You are being racist. "Otaku *****"? She's a character in a game. She happened to be Japanese. And you are being racist toward a character in a game? Oh my gosh. I wonder what you say to real, living Japanese people.
- Those two characters weren't free, in fact. Only Zaeed was. Kasumi was, like 7$, if I recall correctly.
- Zaeed and Kasumi are actually pretty relevant to lore. Zaeed is a founder of Blue Suns, one of the biggest mercenary groups in the Terminus Systems. He could've given you a massive insight into said group's goals, preferred tactics, bases of operations. Instead, he was an old fart yammering about his old rifle and past missions. But the outcome of his loyalty mission can have a huge impact on the game's universe, actually. So no, he's not irrelevant by any means. Just useless as a squad member.
Kasumi is a thief and in herself, pretty irrelevant, but again, her loyalty mission can have a big impact on the game's universe. Keiji's Graybox contained some critical data that could be really bad for the Systems Alliance. Really, really bad. As a teammate, I found her pretty useful, too, but by no means essential. But her relevance to lore, now that she kept OR destroyed the Graybox is pretty big.
And yet, you insist they don;t mean anything lore-wise. But a Prothean does.

Get your facts straight!
And stop being racist.


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Jun 9, 2010
Zeel said:
JamesStone said:
Zeel said:
SajuukKhar said:
And again the Prothean AS A CHARACTER was in development in Nov/Dec, the Prothean AS A SQUADMATE was not until after the game was done. Fact.

The Porhtean isn't important to the story, he only provides his own viewpoint on things already happening. Fact.

The Porthean is not needed to get the full story. Fact

see I can do it to.
Excuse me?
In the god damn leaks the Prothean is important. Are you telling me its not important anymore? If so, what lead you to that conclusions.

Second: How important it is is somewhat irrelevant. This is content that builds lore and helps further the story. To remove it from the game and charge more for it is taking advantage of the customers. Everyone plays the mass effect series for the story and characters. To remove a CHARACTER that adds a story is a dick move. Why do you support it.?
No no no, he's telling you that the Prothean, as a squadmate isn't important. The actual character, the one you get anyway from the un-DLC'd game, IS in fact important. The fact that he is a squadmate is only a little extra.

And if you are wondering why I'm quoting you so much lately, it's because it's kinda fun seeing you explode in rage every time someone tries to tell you something outside of your preconcived ideias. Such a disgrace for such a smart man (see if you can get that reference).
Do you know if he's still in the game or not. Stop claiming this if you have NO EVIDENCE.
We have confirmation from the developers in the Mass Effect forums.

And if we hadn't, I would...

...if you stopped doing the exact same thing (talking like a shepperd to the masses (HA!), and acting like you had all the awnsers.), but only with the oposite standpoint.

Do you smell this foul stench in the air? It's the stench of irony, and it's strong on you.


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Jun 10, 2010
Zeel said:
Radoh said:
Shawn112 said:
Too many paid ea marketing whores here.

No point in bothering.
Jesus Christ seriously?
People who have been here at The Escapist for years are secretly EA marketers whose sole reason for getting paid is to defend them on an internet forum.
I love you crazy conspiracy nuts so much, I want to shake your hand.
well when Im presenting a good argument and your only defence is: CONSPIRACY. Then yes, you come off as someone on their payroll. I see you took the time to reply to him, wanna give me the same courtesy. Or do you have nothing to contribute and you're just wasting everyones time?
That post had nothing to do with you.
Like, at all.
In any way.

EA might have quite a bit of money lying around, but you know what isn't going to fly with the shareholders?
Paying people to defend the company on internet gaming forums.

But since you felt it necessary to respond to someone having a conversation tangentially related to you, perhaps you could confirm whether or not you gave this:
Leaks suggest it was part of the original game.

DLC says = Get "additional" character and squadmate.

seems pretty damn conclusive to me. Not to mention the whole pattern and trend argument. EA games has been doing this for awhile and they do stand to make a huge profit from it. an additional 20 bucks.
and only that to Anthony87.
Was there more to it than that or not?


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Jan 7, 2011
Ukomba said:
erttheking said:
Seriously guys? 500 posts? This is because of the flamewars isn't it?
Nooo, we're calmly discussing the socio-economic requirements of game production, and it's challenges in the frame work of the modern information age.
Bravo, sir.

But as I was saying to Chelsea just last night, in a pre-industrial age society, such as the ones the collectors surely must hail from, there is simply no way for the dlc to be anything but second day. Even Darwin would surely conclude the evolutionary processes mandate a three to five day mutation on such genetically cross bred traits.

Now, then, Lucy, pass me a biscuit, would you?