lets collectively lol @ these "I need feminism because..." pics


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Jan 12, 2012
Darken12 said:
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90sgamer said:
#1 This man enjoys a penis. That makes him bisexual.
No... he enjoys being penetrated by his girlfriend. That doesn't make him bisexual. That makes him a heterosexual man who enjoys a sensation most cis-gendered men are totally insecure about. The fact that you have just called his entire sexual orientation into question just because he likes something you presumably don't proves the picture's point.
He said he likes a strap on. He didn't say he liked being fucked in the ass. You are presuming too much. All we know is that he likes a phallic shaped object. Maybe he wanks it. Maybe he slobbers his tongue over it. It doesn't really matter because the point it, he likes something shaped like a penis. You know what else is good for

You too are presuming too much.

Captcha: well now. Oh captcha, I love you so.
Perhapse. Either way femenism will not help him. He is objecting to male gender roles which femenism is not concerned with


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Nov 26, 2008
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Okay!! Taking it from the top!!

#1- Feminism is all about creating equity between the genders, and a part of what feminism promotes (heavily) is smashing down old fashioned patriarchal stupid bullshit ideas of masculinity. Like feeling ashamed because you like things up your bum. So yea. Feminism actually has a lot to do with that.

#2- This is definitely the one that makes the least amount of sense. Even then, I can still see how it can make many people uncomfortable to have to be in spaces named for men who were VERY much part of the patriarchal oppressive society in the day, especially when in many ways we are still living in said patriarchal oppressive society. Who wants extra reminders of that shit? Still makes the least amount of sense.

#3- As Bloated Guppy pointed out, many men (and a lot of women) consider sexual harassment to be something positive, i.e "You should be glad men find you attractive enough to harass you." I completely agree with this woman. I need feminism to get rid of this bullshit too. There are just so many fucking problems with this way of thinking...

#4- Yea. That's a thing. Male, female, whatever, we live in a rape culture. And unless you are a genius on the level of Kruppe the Arcane you have contributed to it unknowingly. And the only way we are going to get rid of it is, yes, with the dreaded feminism. This world will never be a good one to live in until we finally get rid of the idea that one gender is "prey" for the other gender. Even when we try to mean it harmlessly.

#5- People should be able to do what they want with their bodies, and if it isn't harming anyone else, they should have nothing but support and acceptance. Where feminism comes in to this, is that women's bodies are FAR more controlled by the patriarchal male dominated society then men's bodies are. If a woman wants to grow out her armpit hair, the "positive" reactions she gets are still basically people telling her she shouldn't have done it, or that her first concern should be how men will react to it. And that's wrong. That's really really wrong. Especially when you realize that men can do whatever the fuck they want with their armpit hair, and society doesn't care.

#6- This is a tiny bit more difficult, because of the whole "healthy" thing, but even so she still has a very good point. See the above point number five about women's bodies being more controlled than men's. Women are expected to look a certain way for men, and when they don't, they are considered worthless. No. Really. That's why you can get pudgy male politicians and lawyers who are very successful, but you'll never see a pudgy woman successful in law or politics to the same degree. Ever. Look at the successful politicians and lawyers today. Look at the men and women. Look at how most of the men have fat, and most of the women look like they fight it constantly. THAT'S WRONG.

#7- Women who do gender studies are looked down upon as unnecessary or feminazis or etc or whatever. One need merely look at this thread to realize that we desperately need more people taking gender studies.

#8- Yep!! They totally are!! See... Here is the thing. Male bodies aren't objectified when artistically nude because we live in a society that does not objectify men. Female bodies are still objectified, even when it is clearly art, simply because of the society we live in. It's impossible not to objectify them more than the men. Because women are objectified. They are treated as objects and commodities by society. AND THAT NEEDS TO CHANGE. AND THE ONLY WAY IT WILL CHANGE IS IF PEOPLE ARE FEMINISTS. I would like to see the day when male and female bodies can be in the nude without any objectification going on at all.

And there you go. That is why.
Feminism degrees are less valid because they are less likely to result in employment or, more importantly, the betterment of mankind. Learning the ideas of others so that you can regurgitate them at will is inherently less useful than learning algorithms and procedures to further human progress. Feminism can be a component of a comprehensive education, but specializing it is just stupid.

Ditto for majors in art history, most "isms", and literature.

Science, mathematics, technology, business degrees good. Liberal arts (for the sake of it) bad. Get it?

I have no problem with people reading on these topics on their own, but going to school for it is masturbation. Read musings on esoteric topics on your own time, not your parents' dollar.

And before you jump to her defense. I GUARANTEE she paid for her education with her parents' money or loans from the government.


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Apr 16, 2011
90sgamer said:
Perhapse. Either way femenism will not help him. He is objecting to male gender roles which femenism is not concerned with
While you're correct in that male gender roles are not feminism's primary concern, the movement does criticise the way male gender roles affect both men and women, and how they are perpetuated by society. Remember that most women are straight, so it is assumed they will seek out a relationship with a man at some point of their lives (and if not, it's unlikely they won't have other types of relationships with men). As such, it becomes impossible for feminism to avoid discussing male gender roles at some point.


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Aug 31, 2009
5. Many hundred years ago I think fat people were considered sexy, so does that mean they were sexist for not seeing skinny women as sexy? Also, the beauty standard for women isn't IMO made out by men, it's made by other women, if anything women are the biggest enforcers of such sexism. Men aren't actually that... picky, really.

Feminism is outdated in the west, the gender inequalities exist on both sides, and to try to achieve equality with the word "feminism" which directly refer to female empowerment is IMO stupid. Sure you can say that the idea of feminism is gender equality for both genders, and that you practice it that way yourself, but the issue is that that's only a small minority. "Feminists" more often than not seek favor for women and forgets about that men are discriminated against as well. I'm a humanist if anything, although I don't think there's much point in arguing, neither sides are objective enough to see any fault in their own reasoning.


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Jan 4, 2012
smithy_2045 said:
I don't understand. Where are the lolz? Thread title promised lolz.

The LOLZ are always in these threads. They come from people debating the same shit for the nth time in a year.


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May 26, 2010
I think 7 sums up this problem. Too many women are doing downright stupid and near useless degrees, even though they could perfectly well do a science or other challenging subject. I am doing Electronic engineering, and there is ONE female in the course, and about 60 other guys.


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Aug 20, 2008
boots said:
Darmani said:
Part of it is that women want chivalry WITHOUT the double standard suffering, it seems, from the idea how they how they are idealized and treated under sexist pursuit and society is "normal" as to an extra they aren't entitled to that men often provided on the assumption of similar payment (usually their subservience). Surely everyone shares their feelings, speaks nice to them, offers them favors, and negotiates on prices, fixes things, moves items and furniture at request, etc etc. And if not these are not special exceptions but the way it should be for everyone. It comes off as mockably naive.
Yes, this is what women want. Stand back, Mel Gibson, because some dude on the internet has researched the desires of 50% of the people on the planet and neatly summed them up in a paragraph.

Though I guess I'm going to have my woman status revoked, because I don't want chivalry. Chivalry can fuck right off, because it's predicated on the notion that women are financially weak (and need men to buy their meals for them) and so physically weak that they're incapable of pulling a wooden chair back a couple of feet or opening a door for themselves. And "negotiating prices"? Holy shit. If I was trying to get a quote on something and some guy stepped in, pushed me gently aside and said, "let me handle this, darling, you can go and stand over there and look pretty," I would A) wonder where he parked his time machine and B) slap him soundly in the balls.

Seriously, the "buh-buh-buh women still want men to be chivalrous!" argument is so outdated that even most anti-feminists are too embarrassed to try using it. I'm going to go ahead and be embarrassed on your behalf.
Sweet! We've found *one* girl who doesn't expect the man to pay on dates by default! I suppose you also prefer to transport your own furniture when moving and don't call up all your male friends to help (at their own physical risk)? Even better!

Now, if only all the other women in the western world could share your enlightened point of view, then feminism will have started to live up to its goal of "equality". Unfortunately, most women still expect - nay, DEMAND - that the man pay for everything on dates. Talk about entitlement!

So yeah... Chivalry is dead. It's just been replaced by expectations of servitude without reward. Feminism might want to get on that...


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May 11, 2010

Can we talk about this I need feminism picture instead? Seems like it would be about as productive.

Sure, most of those pictures don't have much to do with feminism or are just fundamentally flawed but that doesn't mean it's not childish to laugh at them.


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Nov 29, 2009
boots said:
And "negotiating prices"? Holy shit. If I was trying to get a quote on something and some guy stepped in, pushed me gently aside and said, "let me handle this, darling, you can go and stand over there and look pretty," I would A) wonder where he parked his time machine and B) slap him soundly in the balls.
I know you take this topic very serious, but this image had me laughing.
I now imagine you at Best Buy or "Insert-store-of-choice", trying to haggle for a Television, when suddenly a stranger appears and tells you to "stand over there and look pretty", to which you react by doing this:
Upon getting up again, the employee of said store stands there, slack-jawed, wide-eyed and a bit pale, just staring at you.
Needless to say, you got the best deal of your life.

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Feb 18, 2010
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Giftfromme said:
It's all well and good for acceptance, but what difference does it make to the guy who wants to be banged by his girlfriend with a strap on? There are differences in our genders, studies have shown that guys and girls learn differently.
I'm confused about what you're saying here, and I'm not sure if you're misusing the word "gender" or not. Remember, "Sex" refers to the anatomical, endocrinal and genetic differences between people which make them male and female. "Gender" refers to the way in which these male and female bodies are socially differentiated from each other.

Assuming you actually meant to say "gender" then yeah, countless studies have provided overwhelming evidence of that, to the point that it's a common sense assumption accessible via a cursory glance at our society. That's actually what I've been saying all along.

If you meant to say "sex", then no. There isn't very much evidence. A handful of studies does not "prove" anything just by getting published, they must be repeatable (anyone, regardless of prior belief, must be able to come to the same result), logically consistent (any original theory must be the product of analysis) and it must eliminate alternative explanations. Sexual difference theories regarding cognitive functioning have never been able to do any of these things.

In truth, we actually don't know how different the sexes are from one another in their cognitive functioning, but given that even the most hardline study in this area is only asserting a generalization, the logic answer is "not very". Moreover, once you put together how human sex actually develops it becomes a pretty pointless question, there isn't a magic binary switch which gives you a magically different brain and physical appearance, it's all regulated by differences (sometimes very subtle differences) in the production of androgenic hormones. What we're looking for when we study "sex differences" is actually the effects of those hormones, which vary enormously between individuals anyway. In short, we all learn differently and we all think differently. A crude generalization is no basis for organizing our society.

Giftfromme said:
Yes that opinion is formed and informed by societal standards, but some things will always be weird or deviant to us.
And if he had said "I'm tired of feeling weird for enjoying my girlfriend's strap on" that would be highly relevant. However, he didn't. He said "I'm tired of feeling unmanly". This isn't an issue of what's generally "weird", it's not remotely weird for women to want to be anally penetrated despite the fact that the physical rewards for them are usually close to non-existent.

The reason why its "unmanly" to enjoy receptive anal sex is not because men are just different and are "programmed" to hate it. In fact, anatomical sexual differences mean that receptive anal sex can be far more pleasurable for us than it can ever be for women, and yet it is highly taboo in many societies is because it is seen as a feminine position.

And, going back to my very original post to you.. why is that such a bad thing?

Giftfromme said:
So there is simply no point in waiting for that. His sex life doesn't need to be political and can be 100% private.
Just like everyone else's sexuality is completely private??

Except it's not, is it? We are saturated with very public sexuality all the time, generally very boring and normative sexuality which may be why it's so hard to notice. Perhaps it's become so normal that you don't register it as sexuality any more, but it is nonetheless. Everything from advertisements to the basic conversations you have with people will include references which position their sexuality as normal or abnormal, or which clues about whether their sexual behavior is manly or unmanly or feminine or unfeminine or gay or straight or whatever.

Giftfromme said:
How many people actually think that a girl feels attractive if she is ogled in the street or whatever?
Many. That's why people still do it.

You've mistaken this issue completely. It's nothing to do with the "quality" of the guy, it's to do with behavior which is aggressive or insensitive.

If you stare at someone, fine. It happens. But if you happen to make eye contact and you don't get a smile or something, then you break off. This isn't even etiquette, it's basic body language. If you make eye contact with a gorilla and don't break it then you're going to get your arms ripped off because it's an aggressive gesture. If you keep staring at someone who has not given you a positive reaction, if you stare at them as if they're an object without displaying any regard for their feelings, it's no better than chasing someone down the street when they've rejected you telling them you'll leave them alone if they'll give you a handjob.

This is not something guys do by accident, it might be something guys do if they never learned how to behave properly, but it isn't accidental. It is clearly and obviously aggression. The issue is that some guys still believe that women respond to aggression and feel complimented by it, when the much more likely reaction is that they feel embarrassed or even afraid.

How many guys? Far fewer than 30 years ago. Why is that? I'll give you a clue, it begins with an 'F'.

Giftfromme said:
Men are typically the ones who will "hunt" for a girl, or is generally the one who initiates contact with a girl. Our brains formed on the savannah (for roughly 2 million years, known as the Pleistocene period) and we haven't been out of it long enough for deeply ingrained values and attitudes to change.
Again, this is pure supposition.

Anyone can take a present day social trend and claim it's something humans have evolved to do. It doesn't make it accurate. Observe:

Women like pink because they evolved to find berries in the undergrowth and became very sensitive to red-spectrum colors.

This one is actually, patently untrue (which hasn't stopped people trying to claim it). It's only in the last hundred and fifty years or so in one particular society that pink has been considered a feminine colour. You cannot extrapolate evolutionary trends from social trends without eliminating alternative explanations.

There is no Flintstonian constant, particularly since for the past few thousand years marriage and sex has been explicitly about political kinship ties and the pursuit of sexual pleasure has generally been entirely secondary. Most of these ideas about the most "naturally" attractive female body shapes are Victorian preoccupations, there's no real evidence for them prior to that.

Giftfromme said:
If the urges are strong enough in a man and he rapes a woman, he will use any excuse to justify it, and education cannot fix that. These urges are not trivial, this is your very DNA pushing you get pass on your genes by getting laid.
Science aside, before you go down this road, I want you to sit and think about the social implications of what you are saying for a minute.

I'm assuming we're both male. If what you just said was true, and if it was accepted to be true, what would the logical solution be? How that would solution impact on people like you and me?

Giftfromme said:
I've seen some decidedly unattractive guys who are good with woman, but they could have easily given up.
Do you really think none of the women in those pictures could get laid if they wanted to? Do you think they couldn't score way out of their league if they wanted to? You're assuming randomly that they're subject to exactly the same situation as their male counterparts, that "success" means the same thing to them and thus all they need to achieve that "success" is a little self-confidence.

They clearly are self-confident to some degree. They've posted pictures of themselves online. One is showing us her armpit hair, the other has stated that she "loves her body". I don't understand how you get from this to "they need more confidence". Why, so they can get men to have sex with them? You're assuming that's in any way difficult, or that it's what they're looking for.

Giftfromme said:
No I don't think my arguments are original. Of course others have them. That's the point. If I was the only, I might think something is wrong with me.

Do you get why we need feminism yet?


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May 11, 2012
BloatedGuppy said:
Nickolai77 said:
Looking at point 6- I'm a bit skeptical that female standards of beauty are dictated by men.
I should think loving one's fat body would be a "radical concept" because a "fat body" denotes a state of ill health. You could just as easily say that loving one's gangrenous foot would be a radical concept, and you would be correct.

Yes, women put up with a lot of unreasonable beauty standards but keeping your weight inside healthy limits shouldn't be considered one of them. For anyone. Male or female.

Awww damn I'm opening up a whole other can of worms with that, aren't I? I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.
I don't know if someone has mentioned this yet (I"m afraid to continue reading the thread), but weight is not necessarily an indicator of health. This video could explain it better than I can if you have the time, but unless someone has trouble walking/can't get out of bed it's incorrect to assume that that person will die earlier or is more susceptible to health issues. Oh, and BMI was created by a 19th century mathematician and was not intended to be a barometer of anything. I'd prefer to have my medical advice be as new as possible.


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Feb 18, 2010
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PhiMed said:
Feminism degrees are less valid because they are less likely to result in employment or, more importantly, the betterment of mankind.
1) What the fuck is a "feminism degree"?
2) Are you joking?

PhiMed said:
Learning the ideas of others so that you can regurgitate them at will is inherently less useful than learning algorithms and procedures to further human progress.
Which would be fine as an explanation of why high school is less useful than university, or why a postgraduate degree is more useful than a bachelors degree, but it makes absolutely no sense in this context. I don't know what you think people in these imaginary "feminism degrees" do, but I don't think it has any resemblance to what you think.

Not to mention that doing a bachelors degree in one of the sciences or mathematics is pretty much the definition of "just for the sake of it", so I don't know what the fuck you're talking about other than random STEM elitism. Everyone knows that doing a vocational degree will increase your chance of getting a job in a specific area, but amazingly not everyone gives a shit.


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Jul 22, 2009
I don't get the fat one. Does she know that fat men exist? Women can be just as shallow as men so it isn't really a patriarchal view of attractiveness so much as a universal view.

And to further that, fuck any fat person that wants to feel okay about being fat. It isn't okay.

I am overweight and used to be obese btw before I get flamed to shit.


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Apr 10, 2011
Relish in Chaos said:
I still don't get what "rape culture" is meant to mean. I found some of those pictures funny, though.
It seems to be a variant of "Her short skirt and cleavage made me do it" in the form of "General advertising and culture made me do it".


Mar 19, 2011
I need feminism because I like to laugh at stupid concepts. And feminism is one of the stupidest )

PS Just to make it clear: I'm a guy who completely supports the concept of gender equalty. But feminism has nothing to do with it. It is an insane movement to achieve strange purpose with no adequate methods or ideals.


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Aug 12, 2009
OuroborosChoked said:
I honestly thought those images the OP posted were ironic.

You need Feminism because your university is named after a man? You mean, like the man who founded it or the man who financially supported it? No, you're absolutely right... down with men who actually accomplish things! Don't credit people who get things done!

You need Feminism because others are responsible for your self-image? To everyone who has said "Oh, you just don't get it... that's not what she's saying!": that's exactly what she's saying. Contrast her mindset with "fat body" girl below...

You need Feminism because you loving your unhealthy physique is the problem of "the patriarchy"? Last time I checked, it was women who wrote beauty magazines, not "the patriarchy". It's not just about beauty, either. Being comfortable with being obese is called being lazy and being fat is like advertising how little you enjoy moving. I should not be expected to find you beautiful because you exercise (ha) poor self-control, have a bad diet, and lack discipline. Put down the chocolate bars and go to the gym. I do it. You can, too. And not out of vanity, either. I LIKE being able to climb stairs without having to catch my breath. I LIKE the feeling I get when my muscles are being pushed to their limit. I do it for ME.

You need Feminism because your degree in Feminism won't pay the bills? And Feminism is supposed to fix it? Sounds like a circular argument. It reminds me of a joke the late Richard Jeni told: "I took political science and said 'Ok, what do I do now?'... 'You can teach political science.' I said "To who?' and they said 'Some other people'.... 'And what will THEY do?' 'They'll teach it to some other people.' Heh, what is this?! This isn't college; it's Amway with a track team! What is this? I spent $40,000 on a pyramid scheme!"

You need Feminism because people appreciate the female form... as art?!? GASP! How dare we appreciate what human beings look like! We human beings are such vicious animals!

So taking all of these ridiculous complaints into account, what exactly do ANY of them have to do with anything? Are women being barred from public service positions? No. Are women denied any legal rights that are extended to men? No.

All of these problems are social issues which can only ever be addressed on a person-to-person basis. Me? I'm a sex positive egalitarian. Gender, race, sexuality, and age are all irrelevant to me. What matters to me is how you THINK, what you VALUE, and what you can DO. I'm not the problem. Feminism's problems are manifold:

1. Accusing EVERYONE of being to blame for how certain individuals are made to feel. It's not my problem. I'm doing my part by just being a decent, not-giving-a-fuck human being. Don't throw me under your bus because I have a dick and you have a problem with men. You're just a sexist with an attitude - not a revolutionary.

2. Shaming everyone for the actions of a few will just cause the backlash Feminism is getting with increasing frequency.

3. Feminist "theory" isn't based on anything but discredited studies and ignorance of history. "Patriarchy"? Nothing but conspiracy theory when you realize that men have no same-gender preference and therefore have no reason to benefit other men by default. "Rape culture"? Something dreamed up by anti-sex paranoiacs (so me wanking to a picture of a nude girl who willingly participated in a photo shoot... is literal rape?). Patriarchy, rape culture, privilege, and so on are all baseless, unproven ideas... just IDEAS. There is ZERO serious academic work done to back it up. NONE. Just because you can explain an idea and browbeat and shame anyone who might object doesn't make your idea true or representative of reality. I can explain creationism... doesn't make it true, though! And oddly enough... there's plenty of "legitimate" science to back that up and just as much hatred of hard science, too!

4. Feminists act AGAINST actual rights issues when they impact men exclusively. Again, because... privilege? Damn those men with their hard labor, expectation of self-sacrifice, and mutilated penises... which brings me to...

Arqus_Zed said:
I need feminism because I don't feel like female genital mutilation should be a thing.


Oh, we're talking about how the patriarchy influences the self-image of women?
How you want to grow your armpit hair and be applauded for it?
How it isn't fair that fat women are being judged equally on their physique as fat men?

I'm so sorry - yes, you're right, those things ARE more important and more worthy of attention than women getting their labia and/or clitoris cut off.
Oh, we're talking about a problem in third-world countries? Well, go right ahead then. It's not like male genital mutilation is considered a culturally acceptable norm right here in our own country and advocated by many women who "prefer" a mutilated penis. No, it's all about women's problems, right? Because... privilege?
Really? Women actually have preferences concerning something as mundane as a foreskin? Huh... How utterly trivial.

Anyway, where were we? Right. First, female circumcision is not exclusive to third world countries - it even happens here in Belgium. Sure, it's done by immigrants to immigrants, but it is still something done within the boundaries of a first world country!

Second, saying that male circumcision is on par with female circumcision? Kind of really fucking ignorant. I mean, I don't know if you're serious, but check your facts. Do a Google search, check Wikipedia - compare a guy without his foreskin to a young woman who had her genitals mutilated with a piece of broken glass.

That said, I am not a fan of infant circumcisions with males either.
I think a man has the right to decide for himself whether he wants to keep his foreskin or not. (But still, check your facts man!)