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    Photo thread? Photo thread.

    Idea Channel actually did a video [] about that exact thing not too long ago. It was pretty on point, I thought.
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    If you had to live in any fictional universe, which?

    Is 'Can City' from Homestuck a viable option?
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    Photo thread? Photo thread.

    'emmie see what I can find.
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    When did you truly become interested in music?

    Well, I've always had a passing interest in music, in that I would listen to anything my mother and father let me listen to. They weren't conservative sorts by any means; the let me listen to everything from Journey to Prince to Pink Floyyd. But I distinctly remember both of them talking, around...
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    Poll: Find best beauties ?$? (/ *3*)/ ?$?

    Personally, I'm just mortified there's no option for Klingons in the poll. That's shameful, Barbas. You should know better. EDIT: More seriously, though...totally asking the wrong person. Physical attractiveness isn't so much a draw for me, and never has been. Intelligent, strong-willed...
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    Poll: Would you hit a woman in self defence(If it were Ronda Rousey)

    Hmm...I wouldn't hit Ronnie back; not because of chivalry, but because I'm insanely attracted to her. SO! Instead of that, I would use the OVERFLOWING POWER in my fist to compress a diamond ring out of thin air...and ask her to marry me. Ronnie and Ronnie getting married, fancy that...
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    Poll: Could you beat me up?

    Oh please. I eat a heaping bowl of cinder blocks for breakfast every day. Lots of vitaman D. Good for the teeth. Don't believe American History X, they LIE to you!
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    What are you listening to Escapists? (February 2016 Edition)

    Well, I found an odd song on my playlist where I keep people saying awful crap; I must've mislisted it. I mean, I like it, so there's no reason for it to be there. That led me to look for some more of their music-and I found this little ditty. Kinda depressing, but it's something I've...
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    Poll: Could you beat me up?

    Well, I'm 6'1 and weigh 230 odd pounds, so...I'm 'a bet probably. But I wouldn't. You're too cool. I mean...if you got in a mood, I might have to put you on the ground and tie your hands behind your back, but I wouldn't beat you up. And yes, I could do that. The big vest I'm wearing in...
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    What's the most disgusting piece of media (contentwise) you've enjoyed?

    Hmmm...I don't think I know of anything BAD that I enjoy. But I can think of something I used to enjoy. And that was Atlas Shrugged. Yes, in my final year of high school, I found an old, battered copy of one of the most boring books ever written, and I thought it was all kinds of awesome...
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    Tell Taco to Draw

    Alright. I'll bite. Draw a picture of David Bowie (any persona but The Goblin King) and Freddie Mercury destroying Death itself with the power of ROCK!
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    Poll: New Pottermore Sorting Hat Quiz! HOUSES, SOUND OFF!

    I'm pretty sure I don't need to take any sort of test to know I'd be a Gryffindor. But I'll take your lousy test, anyway. RESULT: A-yup. I'm in the house with the brave people. What a shocker.
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    Poll: Social experiment

    SOUPLEX! Man, it's been forever since I've seen you around! Anyway, I chose +1 internet. So everyone could have internetz. I'm also vaguely cognizant that this can't possibly be the prisoner's dilemma; it must be something else. In fact, it more reminds me of a gimped version of that...
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    The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

    Rising Dawn: G-Corp Hanger: Basically everyone As soon as Violet and Ghost were done, Edge practically jumped out of his seat. "Boss, which end are we deploying on?" "Coor's field." Boss said. "It's closer to Bison." "I'll deploy from the zoo." Insano said. "I have a plan for dispersing...
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    Favorite Fictional Weapon(s)

    Hey! Someone else who read the Sword of Shannara! That makes me happy. ...for my money, how they use the Sword to defeat the Shadowen is more cool. Hmm...what else is there... Townsaver from the Book of Swords was always really cool to me. It's a weapon meant specifically to protect...