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    Steve Jobs' Last Words: Oh wow, Oh wow, Oh wow

    Nah, you don't have a mind blowing source of income that could be used constructively. I guess it's just something that we as a society think that celebrities or 'billion dollar babies' should do out of respect. Like, playing at a breast cancer awareness concert or supplying the money for...
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    Games that you would instantly buy

    A new Suikoden would be lovely. First RPG that I'd ever played, and it blew my fucking mind. Betrayel from a best friend? Cool. A quick escape to join a ragtag revolutionary group? I can dig it. Collecting more than (I believe) 200 characters to fill your HQ, which by the way is a...
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    Middle-Aged Gamer Assaults Teen Over Black Ops Beatdown

    Keep in mind that Escapist is a Gaming forum, not a Mourning forum. We can empathize more.
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    The most obscure game you own.

    Final Fantasy Adventure. Final Fantasy meets Zelda. Awesome.
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    Extra Punctuation: What Human Revolution Got Wrong

    I know that this is purely hypothetical, and that Deus Ex (regardless of how great I percieve it) is only a game, but- I personally believe that when Jenson strikes someone, he powers up his arm beforehand to add some 'oomph' to his blow. Sort of like when he punches through weakened...
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    Skyrim truly looks outdated and average

    I've been thinking the same thing for months. Skyrim just seems... Mediocre. 'Unimproved' if you're honest, 'Lazy' if you're blunt, and 'Classic' if you're kind.
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    Zero Punctuation: Deus Ex

    I'm certain someone has already responded, but I believe it's a mashup of Mass Effect style questing with Rainbow Six Vegas style combat. Seriously. Play five minutes of terrorist hunt on Vegas. It's uncanny.
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    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Brings Anti-Terrorism Back to PC and Consoles

    You have to keep in mind that I said they'd have an 'edge', not that it would be a flawless victory for PC gamers. A mouse simply lends a bit more freedom to the movement of the reticule in my opinion, and I feel that it could create some problems.
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    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Brings Anti-Terrorism Back to PC and Consoles

    Cross platform multiplayer could potentially unbalance the game. Sorry, console players (who I'm also among), but when you're facing an opponent armed with a mouse they tend to have the edge.
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    Man Takes Hostage, Comments On SWAT Standoff Via Facebook

    Not 100% likely to die, makes it look dramatic, impressive if and when you come out. All that matters to him is seeming 'hard'.
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    Nintendo CEO Takes 50% Pay Cut

    It might already have been pointed out, but having your usual pay cut would mean cutting back on things that seemed inconsquential before. It'll be pretty different in the Iwata house.
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    A good RPG to play?

    Picked these two up from a 'Deals' store with a double pack of Fallout for a total of $2.14. Best. Buy. Ever.
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    What's on your 'to get' list?

    Saints Row The Third. I miss throwing people.
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    What are the most annoying fans in your opinion

    A7X fans are absolutely ridiculous sometimes. I've met at least one that couldn't hold a conversation about anything else. That's an extreme example, but it shows that there ARE some who get really carried away. Personally, I can't stand people who get overzealous about the use of...
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    Who would you want to narrate your life?

    Seth Rogan.