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    One gaming-related insult I cannot stand!

    Lol, I always associated "Tyrhard" as a compliment rather than something that was negative... For example, one time some random dude called me as begin in "try hard mode lol" when I did really will in a game suddenly when I was begin bad (or at least considerably worse than now) just moments...
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    Zombie Games: Done or Just Getting Started?

    ........... Did you just contradict yourself in the very same post in the VERY SAME SENTENCE on purpose?.. I dont get it, it must have some sort of meaning. Anyways, zombies are an interesting theme, so more can only be better. That aplies to anything and everything, and if I dont...
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    Poll: Would we all be cool with a female Link?

    Ok why this thread again?... ugh... Well anyways, I will be honest: I dont care about the Zelda series, so I dont care about Link nor whatver gender it is... That begin said, if I tried to place myself as a fan of the series even for just a second, and see my main character getting a...
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    I want to play a Fable game!

    Pretty much what the other posters said. The original ALL the way. Havent tried 2 so I cant say much about it but it seems like it is average... and 3 is just plain not good (Besides the fact that why would you start with the 3rd game in a series of games is beyond me).
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    Poll: Just an experiment

    Ace Combat, probably because its the best out of the list... The others are indifference or I just dont like them. While Ace Combat was at the very least enjoyable enough for me to make it stand out more than these other games.
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    Say One Nice Thing About A Game/Company You Don't LIke

    Um. Well, um, Minecraft, for all the crap I say about you you can be somewhat interesting at times to play- its just the horriby, sad, bad sight of WASTED POTENTIAL that I am complaining about- probably one of the biggest wastes of potential that I have ever seen in videogames. But at...
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    It's Official: Call Of Duty Ghosts did NOT Outsell Black Ops II Day 1

    LOLSTORMS. I mean... do you really belive that COD people would go after freaking Mario 3D World (Or viceversa, it goes both ways) or you were just begin sarcastic?--- (Its weird because I would totally get both COD and Mario since I love both of them so much... but I dont think most...
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    When game hate becomes laughable.

    Pretty much most people complaining about COD series, or really pretty much any AAA game... Theres bound to be some stupid in every fan(and hate)base... but sometimes it gets so over the top it isnt even funny. This is, not to say, that the COD fanbase itself can be annoying at times...
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    Game franchises where you like less popular entry the best?

    Mario 2 EU. Yep, the one with no time and blocks and random shit. /thread over (Talking only about the Old 2d platformers only, mario 64+ and spinoffs are not factored in- Only original mario, mario 3 and SMW).
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    RAGE QUIT!!! to the point of smashing your controller, monitor, keyboard, TV etc.

    Well just a few things to note here: 1) I dont get why CoD is the ultimate "game that will make you rage" as most people here put it. Back when I played it, it was so chaotic and hilarious random clusterfuck of a game that it just made me smile even if I a was losing horribly (And not to...
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    RAGE QUIT!!! to the point of smashing your controller, monitor, keyboard, TV etc.

    Nope... I never did rage to the point of doing all of the stuff you just said... I just try to get better and see what went wrong in the game and the like. That is not to say I am not annoyed when something goes wrong, ESPECIALLY (Most of the time) when its the game´s fault and...
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    Why wasn't Kingdom of Amalur as praised as Skyrim or Dragon Age?

    Wow, thread owned in just 1 post. Well done!
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    Activision: COD Ghosts will break GTA 5 records

    More like: People have different tastes than yours. Anyway... I honestly cant see it happening. COD is popular and all, and for a good reason... but I dont think it can just randombly beat GTA5 like that. At the very least one could say its going to be a close battle.
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    Wife Cheating Simulator

    Ok? Do whatever it takes to entetrenain people... I myself dont care at all... except maybe in a LP or something like that.
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    You should totally buy The Wolf Among Us

    I have always had mixed feelings about those "games"... I tried out Walking Dead and it was cool, yes, but the actual game part is lacking so much... interesting history, but GAMEPLAY... I just cant live without Gameplay. It severely limits my final personal score for the game (Would...