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    Hmm..I must be only 1 of 4 people left...

    I know about bookmarks. On my old winXP computer,I had a Firefox bookmarks folder(and folders within the bookmark folder) that had over 3000. That was just for varying degrees of hacks and mods relating to video games and computers. I know that change is inevitable. I don't mind the new...
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    Hmm..I must be only 1 of 4 people left...

    I know.. I'm just lamenting the "old" Escapist is gone. ;)
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    Hmm..I must be only 1 of 4 people left...

    I know..I just don't like having to wade through all that just to get to ZP or Unskippable. If I wanted to watch those kinds of vids that are filling up the Videos tab,I'd go over to Youtube.
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    Hmm..I must be only 1 of 4 people left...

    Who doesn't have their own "gimmick"/review/column on The Escapist. I liked it better when it was Zero Punctuation and Unskippable Now when you click on the Videos tab,you are deluged with content.A lot of the content I couldn't give 2 **its about.. /end rant
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    Hackers Claim to Have Grabbed Halo: Reach From Microsoft Site

    yeah..because without my forum internet would die. /sarcasm fuck you bungie.. and shame on you Microsoft if you left it where someone could get to it.
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    Metal Gear Solid: Rising Makes Mercy an Option

    Sounds AWFULLY like Splinter Cell...
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    Comic Con 2010: Michelle Rodriguez Is a Big Time Gamer

    a real life Vasquez? Actually if they re-made Aliens,she would be a great Pvt Vasquez. Not a bad actress,but definitely one you wouldn't want to piss off. There was one role she did live through,that was the remake of S.W.A.T
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    Zero Punctuation: Red Dead Redemption

    I loved the review..and the Editors review of it as well. Tarnation..made me LOLZ. The hunting didn't take me ages,but while I was hunting up near Tall Trees,there were more cougars than Sex and The City..
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    Favorite inprovised weapon

    Winchester Model 69A .22LR or WW2 M1 Carbine.
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    Schafer Claims Kotick Comments Were an "Accident"

    Kotick can go get fucked.. but all the knuckle draggers will continue their endless support of anything "Modern Warfare" related..I mean many brazilians did Activision make selling the DLC packs at $15 a piece? Fuck them. I used my MS Points to get Black Light Tango Down..a...
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    Feast Your Eyes on the World's Most Exclusive Arcade Cabinet

    Great,let me just fire up my Knight XV and I'll pop right over to Pinel & Pinel and buy for the Knight XV and one for home. However I'd ask them to replace the LCD with a Vizio LED setup instead,you know...'cause I'm into saving the environment..I mean look at my $295,000 SUV,it runs...
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    Analyst: Used Game Boom Correlates With New Sales Decline

    People forget that the most expensive "standard" videogame(StarFox 64 for the Super NES) was $89.99.I remember seeing it advertised for that price and I thought "what the hell" Im not talking special editions,legendary editions,I'm talking box stock.. I have been buying a few of the new...
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    Kotick Wants Call of Duty Subscriptions "Tomorrow"

    Kotick can go get anally raped by the Boston Celtics.. Im not paying a CoD subscription..unless it includes blowjobs and bacon.
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    259: Gunners and Gamers

    I grew up shooting a Winchester Model 69 and a 69A and a M1 Carbine long before I got into "murder simulators"/FPS games. I was saddened when Columbine happened and get angry when politicians in blue states think that removing all guns makes society safer. It doesn't. Barry...
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    Bay: Transformers 3 Getting Rid of "Dorky Comedy"

    @nofear220..see comment I made above yours.