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    Soccer World Cup Teams Given Anime Girl Mascots

    I'm from Bosnia and honestly when I saw the girl crying I at first thought that it was because of how the referees bent us over in our game against Nigeria (but obviously no one watched the game so it didn't happen), but yeah, the war reference makes more sense. Frankly, a little disappointed.
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    Andy Serkis Joins Avengers 2

    Any chance it's MODOK? If this happens, the awesomeness will probably cause the universe to implode.
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    Dublin ISPs and Telecoms.

    I'm moving to Dublin very soon and I would love some advice on a good choice for ISP and Telecom and I figured the Escapist would be the best place to ask. I'm looking for a reliable ISP that doesn't crash often and provides decent ping, and preferably decent speed. Same goes for the...
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    Poll: How do rich people become rich in the first place?

    Fair enough, I forgot being born into/marrying into money. Also, you don't generally need to have a start off point (I'll admit that it helps), will and ambition can pave the road for such things. My favorite example would be the Benetton family, children of a humble bicycle shop owner, who...
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    Poll: How do rich people become rich in the first place?

    Apparently the consensus of this forum is that money falls from trees. I'm sorry to burst your bubble but while you can get rich by winning the lottery/getting extremely lucky with investments, that's pretty much the only way to earn money with pure luck. Actually getting rich is done...
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    Poll: Pokemon: How do you train your 'mons?

    Even Garchomp is nothing compared to Excadrill, Excadrill is firmly set in the ubers while Garchomp is being tested in OU.
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    Doctor who - Where to start?

    It's a simple question. I've heard a lot about the show and it seems to be right in my ballpark, but it has been on the air too long for me to start at the beginning. The ideal situation would be if there was a universal starting point which people use these days and a short description...
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    The Big Picture: Worlds Within Worlds

    One of the best big picture episodes so far.
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    Cigarettes should be illegal.

    I'm a smoker and I agree that cigarettes should be banned, however weed has no reason to be allowed either. Even alcohol has a shaky case but I don't drink anymore so I can't be objective about that.
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    Which meme would you get rid of?

    I wish Stoner Stanley and it's spin-offs would go away, it's just a normal sentence mixed up and put over a retarded picture.
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    super awesome game giveaways

    Do not worry, I'm actually a world class asshole by all international standards, however I didn't want torchlight that much I just thought it was a decent opportunity to try a Diablo clone, an opportunity I'm fine with passing along, no need for anything in return.
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    super awesome game giveaways

    I have a feeling you want it more than I do, I don't mind if you take it. I'm not interested in Nation Red but thank you anyways.
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    super awesome game giveaways

    Nice, I always wanted to try that.
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    super awesome game giveaways

    Can't tell if you're kidding or not... My internet sarcasm detector is very bad after an all-nighter.
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    super awesome game giveaways

    According to evolution it was the egg, the thing that laid it was the creature which was one mutation away from becoming a chicken as we know it. What games do you have?