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    Halo 4 criticized for not having iron sights...wut?

    I cant wait to see what happens when people read the review from three quarters or quarter to three or something like that. That guy gave the game a 20
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    DayZ Mod

    if u can get enough(3-4) people then its worth the 30$ but if u cant get enough people(like me) wait for a sale..or get the demo and see if u like arma 2 vanilla game play. personally dayz is just a cool toping to a game i find interesting
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    Oh my god, it's...! (Voice Acting)

    I just found out that John Goodman is the voice of the Dan Hagar(?) in Rage and its not a voice actor but i did find out that the pink power ranger in the original tv show is the sniper chick on Flashpoint
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    Valve and IGN: "Wake Up and Smell the Ashes" So ya i'm just leave this here... Edit:Dammit someone beat me to the punch
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    The last way you died in a videogame is how you are going to die IRL

    Getting my spine ripped out by a reaper banshee On the one hand fuck ya im a biotic! on the other i imagine getting my spine ripped out is very painful
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    Poll: Which weapon would you choose?

    Hellgun from W40k or ST&R master gear assault rifle from mass effect 1
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    Stuff you thought when you were a Kid

    I used to think "operates standing by" meant they where outside my window waiting for me to call the number to order something
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    Describe your sex life with a video game title!

    Mount and Blade
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    Modding single player Mass Effect 3 bans you from Origin

    Dis anyone else read the thread? i mean one Bioware guy said no and one said yes so....jumping to conclusions is fun right?
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    Poll: Will you stop buying Bioware?

    This, i don't buy games based on loyalty to a company...i buy games that i find fun
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    Why I think the ME3 fans are actually mad

    Your actually misquoting Saren...just saying
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    ECA Launches Campaign Against Videogame Warning Labels

    Ok if u put warning labels for "mite lead to violence" then i get to go to Chicago and put labels on anyone running for Governor of Illinois saying "Warning: Running for Governor of Illinois mite lead to jail time"
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    What game got you into gaming?

    Does it count if I just say the N64 and leave it at that?
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    Poll: ME3 - Aren't You Guys Rather Embarressed?

    While not one of them I think if u don't like it you are free to complain and do anything u want to a certain point... Complaining on the forums - fine, great Putting a childs play campaign - ok whateva FTC complaint - are you kidding me?!?!?!?!? taking it a bit to far
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    Saddest Gaming Moment Ever

    Any time Bioware leans on the saddest piano keys